Selection Sunday Live Blog

You're looking liiiiiiive at Kansas City, Indianapolis, and the tornado capital of the South, The A-T-L.

Welcome to Alligator Army's first Selection Sunday live blog. My name is mlmintampa and I am joined by Bella The Yellow Lab and the remaining Michelob Lights that had been reserved for Florida's deep run in the SEC tourney.

Right now, Illnois is looking forward to the NIT, Kansas and Texas continue to punch each other in the mouth. Meanwhile in Atlanta, Georgia doesn't know this is a show. They think it's a damn fight! As a Florida fan, this sucks. But if it keeps Billy Gillespie home to teach Ramel Bradley to flop in the NIT, I'm all for it.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:The Big 12 title game is being played in KC which built an arena without a tenant. They also forgot to include clocks that work. But, KU has this in the bag; 84-74 with 25 secs left.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:With 6:24 left, Arky has closed to within single digits in Atlanta; 54-46.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Closest it's been all day; 54-49 in Atlanta. UGA might finally be running out of gas.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Nevermind, Humphrey just pulled off a dunk off an inbound. 56-49 at 5:00.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Wisc sends the Illini to the NIT 61-48. Wisc should get a number one seed just so we can see if a Big Ten team will choke like in the BCS. And with 4:19 in ATL, 59-56 Georgia. It's the Thrillerdome son!

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:By the way, how cool is it that Uncle Verne and Uncle Bill are calling the SEC champ? Earlier, one of the Arky players was holding their stomach after a drive and Raftery said, "We've been known to hold our stomachs, but we weren't hit." I think they could drink any announce team under the table.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:By the way, in Orlando, Bart Bryant doesn't know it's a show! He thinks it's a damn fight! He just missed a birdie and is tied with Tiger at -9.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:I just said by the way twice in a row. I need to work on my transition game.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:1:27 left, 61-53 Georgia freaking Bulldogs.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Gaines has been playing out of his mind. Too bad he has the hair line of a 45 year old man.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:61-55 in Atlanta with a minute to go.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:47.2; Gaines missed the front end of a 1-and-1, but Bliss pulled the rebound. Bliss then make the front end. 62-55.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:34.9; 62-57, Arky trying to extend the game now by fouling. Jim Harrick is in a casino somewhere smiling. That's right UGA. In your biggest basketball triumph, I'm pulling out the criminal who used to run your program.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:The Georgia Bulldogs, your SEC Tournament Champions. See? This is what happens when you let the JV win one. Next year, it's Florida-Kentucky in the final.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Now the question is, who gets the SEC bids? Tennessee, Vandy, UGA from the East. Arky and Miss State from the West. Does Kentucky get in? I hope not. If I'm going to be miserable for the next three weeks, I want someone coming with me.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:I forgot to mention this at the top, but Florida did make it to Selection Sunday. CBS, since they couldn't show the SEC title, showed the UF-OSU title game. Even though I know who won, it was still pretty stressful. And I had forgotten Billy Packer spent the entire game in Greg Oden's shorts. You know he wanted Oden to be most outstanding player? Yes, and I wanted Oden to get a flagrant foul when he decked a Xavier player in the early rounds, but some things just don't happen.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:Tiger has a birdie put to win at Bay Hill and he made it. It was like from 25 feet. He's also wearing a t-shirt. Just cold blooded.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:NBC just showed Bart Bryant choking on a sandwich. Nice.

Update [2008-3-16 17:51:12 by mlmintampa]:We got some time before the brackets go live, so here's Ric Flair.

Update [2008-3-16 17:57:46 by mlmintampa]:CBS is interviewing John Calipari and asking about being overall number one. I'm not a Memphis fan, but at least they played some good teams out of conference. Granted, they play in CUSA. My buddy's IM team could play in CUSA. UNC and UCLA have more of a claim to overall number one.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:ESPN just came out of a commercial and Bob Knight was flipping through a stats book. You're on TV Bob! And he can't wear a suit? Wat happens when ESPN runs out of golf windbreakers for him to wear? Ok back to CBS.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:UNC is over all number one. I'm also convinced Tyler Hansbrough is a basketball Tim Tebow. Hated by all but his fans. And if it wasn't for his athletic ability, he'd just be a goofy kid.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:UNC gets the East region, Memphis gets the South, UCLA out West, and Kansas in the Midwest. Really no surprises. Although seeing Wisc on a top line would have been hilarious because they would have lost to a 16 and killed the Big Ten again.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Oh, our first visit with Jim Nantz and Billy Packer. What, no "Hello friends" from Jim? Well, screw you Jim.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:They just showed live feeds of nine teams, and only Baylor and West F'ing Virginia were bubble teams. Please let one of these guys miss the tourney. Disappointing dozens of college kids? Great television. When it's you? Not so much.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Dawg Sports right now has a baseball story at the top and a gymnastics poll. They know UGA won right?

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Arky is a 9 seed in the East. They get Indiana and UNC in round two.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Tennessee gets the East 2 seed and faces American in Birmingham. They face the winner of Butler-South Alabama. I'm smelling upset. In either round. Actually, I just want them to lose. Also, two mid-major bubbles are in; South Alabama and St. Joe's.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Here in Tampa for the Midwest, it's 5 Clemson vs. 12 Villanova and 4 Vandy vs. 13 Siena. I think Nova got in because Jay Wright looks like he's in the mafia.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:K-State gets an 11 in the Midwest. Not bad, but they are an one man team. By the way, Maryland Baltimore County is the Retrievers. They have a Black Lab as their mascot. Since UF is not in, that's who I'm rooting for.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:The new Nike commericals are fantastic. The cinderella one and the one with the Saul Williams song. It's sweet.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Miss State is 8 in the South, they get Oregon in the first round.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Miami is a 7 in the South and they get St. Mary's. It's Convicts vs. Catholics!

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Kentucky is an 11 and gets 6 Marquette in Anaheim. Screw you Gillespie. Go argue a charging call.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:With Tennessee, Vandy, Miss State, Arky, and Kentucky in, that means the SEC gets six teams with adding UGA. And none of them are UF. I hope this never happens again.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Kentucky vs. Marquette is Cats vs. Catholics. I should have thought of that earlier. It's still clever, right? Ok, maybe not.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:In Tampa for the West; 5 Drake vs. 12 Western Kentucky and 4 UConn vs. 13 San Diego. Wow, that'll sell tickets.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:In the West, 3 Xavier vs. 14 UGA. Watch out Musketeers.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Also out West, Baylor is 11 and gets 6 Purdue. Baylor was the last team announced. You want to talk about rebuilding teams, UGA and Baylor have been demolished to the studs and rebuilt. Two absolutely tremendous stories. Of course, this means they'll both lose in the first rounds.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Va Tech didn't make it. Next time, Seth Greenberg should shut up and win some more ballgames. Also, Ohio State and Florida are out. The last time both finalists from the previous year were out was Michigan State and Indiana State in 1980.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:The Nit Selection Show is 9pm on ESPN2! I'm not live blogging that because I have better things to do. Like um, playing solitaire or something. But I will be watching to see what mid-major conference winner UF loses to.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Billy Packer went through the brackets without making a jackass comment about a mid-major. Good for him.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:The committee had five plans if UGA and Illnois won. Pretty impressive. Billy Packer? Does not look impressed.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Now I know why. He's pissed the ACC only got four teams. Shut up Billy. Sorry your precious ACC is top heavy.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:My father just called Packer an "ACC bigot." Classy. The committee chair, Tom O'Connor is doing a good job of throwing stats back at Packer. You know, it's almost 7pm. It's probably bed time for Billy.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:O'Connor just said the committee looked at the whole resume of a team. So maybe even a UF run to the SEC Semis would not have helped.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:Clark Kellogg is picking an all 1 Final Four. Then Seth Davis picked Tennessee out of the East. Both will not happen.

Update [2008-3-16 19:3:6 by mlmintampa]:We just spent an hour talking college basketball and the two-time defending champs were never mentioned. Folks, that is how far Florida fell this year. You want to win titles, but you also want to become a Brand Name. When Indiana, North Carolina, and UCLA struggled, they always recovered because of their name. Florida has a chance to do that. But with the parity in college basketball and the rumors that the NBA may raise their age limit again, it will be hard to build and maintain a program. That's why Donovan freaked out Thursday. He knows a window can close quickly.

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