Percy Harvin's impact on the offence

Can we replace Percy Harvin on the offence next season? 


Side 1: No

The Florida Gator team doesn't have many holes to fill coming in to next season.  However, they do have a few on offence.  Percy Harvins absence on the team is the biggest impact.  He was possibly our biggest threat on the offence,  and was a game changer in every sense of the word.  Now that he has left for the NFL, the Gators need to find someone to step up and take his place, and there might not be anyone like that on the team.

In the 2008-2009 season,  Percy Harvin accounted for roughly 22% of our rushing yards and TDs.  However,  He also contributed to 21% of our recieving yards and TDs.  He had a combined rushing and passing yards of about 1,300.  Considering some of the  yeards heisman canidates put up this may look a little slim. But his biggest impact was his yards per carry and per catch.  He averaged 16 yards a catch and 9 yards a carry.  When we needed a long first down, the Gators would usually be looking at Percy Harvin.  His impact will be felt as the Gators offence may struggle slightly when they play tougher defences in the NCAA.

Side 2: Yes

In the 2008 season,  We had actually been shifting away from Percy Harvin.  In the 2007 season he accounted for 1,600 yards.  But Urban Meyer has been calling his number less.  With Jeffrey Demps and Chris Rainy getting 1,250 yards rushing last season, and both of them averaging almost 8 yards a carry, they can take the extra workload coming into next season.  Louis Murphy had also stepped up. He averaged more yards recieving, and more yards per catch than Percy.  He also caught just as many TDs. The Wide reciever position is a slightly bigger question than the running backs,  but a championchip team can always perform when they need too.

Our deep recruiting class will also help.  With the 5th best class (according to ESPN)  the Gators aquired 8 top 150 players.  Many of them were on defence.  But possibly our best prospect on offence is Andre Debose.  Nobody should be expecting him to get the numbers Percy did.  But his speed and versatility can give us the edge when it comes to matchups.

You decide.  Can we replace Percy Harvin?

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