The Gators Are So Money You Dont Even Know it Baby!

Does anyone here actually think the Gators will win? I don't mean, you have your hopes up. I mean, you would put money on it your so confident. Probably not...My goal is to get your hopes so high that you will proudly bet anyone in the office tonight that the Gators will WIN!


 Last season the Gators were so one dimensional, that Gator nation almost put a bounty on Addazio's head. The defense was so unbelievably good though, it almost didn't matter if we even scored on offense. So when we met Alabama in Atlanta, everyone expected a low scoring grind it out battle of the trenches. Instead Bama came out and slapped the Gators in the face with their ding dongs all game long. Tim Tebow was so embarrassed he cried, as did all of Gator nation.

So one year later, I think we are all still shell shocked. For you numb nuts, shell shocked is slang for PTSD.Every time we watch the Gators, we still cringe in horror that our defense will some how let us down yet again or our offense will run the same two plays the entire game as if the other team didn't know it was coming.


Did anyone watch the Alabama-Arkansas game. This is not the same Alabama defense from last season. Arkansas does have an NFL QB, but that's it. Can you even name any one else on the team besides Mallet? So its clear, Bama has a huge weakness on defense. ESPN says they only have two returning starters.The offense still has the dynamic duo Richardson and Ingram. I almost jumped on the "Richardson is better" band wagon until Ingram came back and made Duke look like 2009 Florida, and basically won the Arkansas game by himself. I still don't think Greg Mcelroy is all that great. He reminds me of the last two Bama QB's...boring and easily forgot. Still Kentucky's tall WR Matthews gave the Gators secondary hell last week. So even if we stack the box and limit the dynamic duo, can we stop Juilo Jones? My only hope is that Janoris Jenkins was covering Randall Cobb all game, but this week all the pressure is on #1 to shut down Jones, like Joe Haden did last season.


The Gators defense has not dropped off nearly as much as people predicted. The defensive line is very underrated and the linebackers do a very good job of filling the gaps. The defensive backs is our money makers. Already 12 picks to league the country. The problem I have seen this season on defense is missing tackles. Thankfully there is usually three guys around the ball anyways that when one guy misses, there's two more ready to take his head off. I don't expect the defense to shut down the Bama offense, I just hope they put themselves in rewarding situations such as 3rd and long because I am confident they will not pass the ball deep without a struggle because of Austin's defensive style. (NFL Defensive Back coach)


The Offense started out VERY SLOW to say the least. But it has finally come together. Our formula is so simple, but if we don't kill ourselves nobody can stop it. Here's the formula, short pass to set up the run. All the Gators have to do is not screw themselves. John Brantley has caught some slack for being a round peg forced into a square slot. I wont argue that, but I will scream very loudly John Brantley is the most valuable threat we have to beat Bama. Unlike last season, Saban will not be able to exploit any part of our offense, he will not be able to throw crazy schemes at the Gators because this season if you choose to blitz Brantley he will find that open receiver, and not to beat a dead horse...but unlike last season we actually have WR's that can get big yardage after the catch like Thompson, Moore, Burton, Hines, Hammond, Debose and so on. He cant scheme up some crazy package to prevent the pass because that would just make Urban Meyers day. Even if Demps cannot carry the load, I am 100% confident in Gillislee and Moody. Our number one strength is Brantley's arm on third downs, he will find the open receiver and let those 5 star receivers rack up the YAC all game long. (The short west coast style cannot be stopped with our talent if ran to perfection.)



Here's how the Gators can win. You cant stop the dynamic duo, we can only hope to contain them and that's about it. We have to put Bama in 3rd down passing situations and let our defense make some turnovers, even its 3rd and 5, 6, or 7. Our Special Teams must get the momentum on our side.

Key for the Defense- Force them into passing situations to increase the chance of turnovers.

Key for the Offense- Do not go 3 and out as little as possible, and DO NOT beat yourself with fumbled snaps and penalties.

Hidden Advantage- Teryl Austin, A NFL defensive coach against a NFL style offense. This might be why he was hired, just a guess. But our defense should be very prepared.



Please be kind and use good grammar.

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