Haterade, Wan't Some?


Society loves to see the underdog win, but in college football we don't give a crap about David, we just want Goliath to fall hard and some times our wishes come true, i.e. USC Trojans. Everyone knows that the Gators invented Gatorade to replenish fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Well college fans, you must be thirsty from all of your "hating" on the Florida Gators? Well your gonna need a lot more Haterade to bring this Goliath down!

I know most of you have read or had to listen to all the ridiculous rants from Gater haters, and it's usually pointless to even bother arguing with them. You try to play nice and every now and then you might actually have a pleasant debate but to me its not even worth it any more. I know that if I am on a rivals blog, the lemmings will not listen to any logic so I think it would be more fun to see what other Gator fans think of these HATERS.


It’s the same thing. Douchebag= typical gayturd


by RiverGreenDawg on Dec 12, 2010 12:56 PM EST reply actions  

Don't bother commenting here, but read it here.

I think its funny that half of the content on dawgsports is usually about the Gators whether it's a post or fan post. It's  sad when your hatred of another team controls your blog year round.

Who will coach the Gators next year?
  • Phil Fulmer - it's a brilliant choice and he looks good in Orange
  • Dan Mullen - for those who have to give a serious answer
  • Urban Meyer - (hey it worked for Bret Favre) or (not really taking a year off to wait for the Notre Dame job)
  • Jim Jorts - Currently at Milbranch Div III school because the possibilities are endless with a name like Jorts
  • Find this genius poll here.

    This is kind of funny, but isn't it kind of too soon for the Vol fans to be ridiculing coaching decisions? Lane Kiffin and now...What's his name again?


    Saw it on ESPN and came here first

    No big name, they can save some money, he get’s out from under Mack and get’s to jump into the frying pan. It ain’t gonna work. Guaranteed.

    by mudra on Dec 11, 2010 8:21 PM EST reply actions  

    You can find this idiot here.

    I am not surprised that a Nole fan has no idea who Will Muschamp is. Try doing a little bit of research before you jump the gun, Muschamp was HCIW at Texas. Thats kind of a big football school in case you never heard of them.



    That's it for now. What do you think?







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