Urban Meyer Press Conference Live Blog

[Update] Fin. Urban spoke for about 30 minutes.

[Update] Jordan Reed moves to tight end, making Johnny Brantley and Tyler Murphy as the two QBs. Says kids will pick the schools with the greenest grass, prettiest girls and biggest stadium, but Florida doesn't want those guys. (Wait, that's why I went to UF.) Wants kids who come to UF for whole package.

[Update] Urban is still vague on his leave of absence/vacation, but says Steve Addazio will run day-to-day operations, at some point. It sounds like when the President has to get elective surgery and allows the Vice President to man the wheel.

[Update] Says they got Chaz Green because they had a need at OL. I TOLD YOU!

[Update] Urban talking about Florida's academics makes my cold heart warm.

[Update] Jeremy Fowler points out there are zero Orlando area kids in this class. But four Tampa market kids! TAMPAAAAA!!!!! BAYYYYY!!!!! Also, UF got nine from South Florida.

[Update] Calls Florida a "brand name", in part to the reach of UF's coaches, relationship wise. With Meyer's leave/vacation, the idea of Florida Football was a big deal to get in this class.

[Update] Says Matt Elam's future is a safety, but could be a Wildcat back. Reporter asks Urban about Todd McShay's show on ESPNU and Meyer responds by talking about Elam and saying that matters, not "that other stuff."

[Update] Urban calling Powell, "Ron" sounds like the best ATH in the nation is an insurance salesman. We need a nickname for him.

[Update] Urban references the 2006 class when talking about the togetherness of this class. Powell and Easley also talked about doing something special at UF.

[Update] Urban cites background checks and working with smart families as to how they ke pt class together, despite Meyer health issues.

[Update] And we're back to the audio feed (which is about 2 mins behind. Hooray.), Urban says Powell is one of the best he has seen and the defense is one of the best. 

[Update] Urban on negative recruiting, "There were fires being put out ."

[Update] Urban says Ronald Powell will catch passes. And yes, AM850 had to cut off the audio. Apparently Gatorzone has the same media ownership rights as the NFL. 

WOOOOO!!!!! Live blog baby! We are listening in to the Urban Meyer signing day press conference because we are too cheap to pay for Gatorzone TV. Stick with us for sarcastic comments.

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