Tim Tebow At The Combine


As I predicted Tim Tebow was very impressive at the NFL combine Sunday. As a QB he was one of the top performers in all categories. According to ESPN, Las Vegas made Tebow's 40 yard dash a gambling event. They gave Tim Tebow an over/under of 4.82 in the event. As every Gator fan knows, don't bet against Tim being able to defy the odds he was given, including life! He was clocked at an impressive 4.72, destroying the house odds by a full tenth of a second, which was also 4th best time for QB's. 

One of the combine drills that measures agility and quickness is the 3-cone Drill. Tim Tebow not only had the fastest QB time, but he also recorded a faster time then any of the running backs for that drill, and was 4th fastest out of everyone. Even I was impressed with that. So apparently Timmy is much quicker and agile then people give him credit for. Who can blame them though, most of his high light reels show him thundering right through people, not a quick spin move or side step to elude the defender that some of us Gator fans have seen many times.  

 I also couldn't help but notice how he looked like an actor straight out of 300. Hmmm...Maybe if this NFL thing doesn't pan out he can always be the next female eye candy Matthew McConaughey, which requires no acting skills at all. Just be able to say things like "NO, NOO, NOOO!" or "Alright Alright Alright". I know my wife would be happy with that. 

I don’t know why everyone is so surprised on how athletic Tebow was, but if you tuned into Sports Center recently you probably noticed one of the so called draft experts saying they didn’t think Tebow was that athletic and maybe he CAN play other positions then QB if needed. Welcome to the world of Tebow Todd McShay, and Bow while your at It! 

                                                          Tim Tebow Combine results


  • 4.72  40 Yard Dash (4th)

  • 38.5'' Vertical Leap (1st, QB Record)

  • 9' 7''  Broad Jump (2nd)

  • 6.66   3-Cone Drill (1st, 4th overall)

    Height- 6'3''
    Arm Length- 31 3/4''
    Hand Size- 10 1/8'' (Largest among QBs)
    Now all that is left for scouts to make their final decision is the Gator Pro Day. If and I mean a big if...Tim has tweaked his mechanics enough where he looks comfortable and accurate throwing with a quicker release like he’s been doing it all his life then he will be the most complete packaged QB going into the draft in a long, long time. 


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