End of 09-10 Review and View of 10-11

I have to say I am proud of the Ole Boys from Florida. I didn't expect them to win or keep it close, and they took a good BYU team to double overtime, with a chance to win at regulation and the first OT.

Chandler Parsons, you stepped it up, let's hope that carries over through the off season. You've always been a hustle guy, a great thing for you to be. You are way better than Dan Werner at that this year. (Of course, hustle is Dan's game)

Kenny Boynton, you had a good ending to an up and down beginning. Maybe Billy will use you a bit more at PG next year. You got skills, and your better than Anthony Roberson.

Vernon Macklin, you need to get more physical defensively, I have to say he has a decent hook, and a attack the glass instinct (sometimes) but what bothers me the most are, rebounds. Seriously, grab some, and not just the easy ones.

Alex Tyus, you went soft on us this year. You were much more physical the previous two years. Get back to that and have Macklin man up on the boards and you'll have a fairly solid frontcourt.

More after the Jump (including the incoming signees)

Erik Murphy,  you just need to use this offseason to get your feet firmly under you, and continue to follow Billy's advice. You'll fit in like Bonner sooner rather than later (hopefully).

Ray Shipman, there are times when I wondered "Why is Billy playing Dan Werner when we have a much more athletic Ray?" Get on the coaches good graces by being committed to playing smart and free, rather than antsy and nervous. Shipman has athleticism and is talented, it just doesn't seem to come together on game day, maybe a talk with a sports psychologist would unlock that potential. ** UPDATE ** Well, you transferred, and the future actually looked good for you too, but you figured rather than battle for minutes with the incoming freshman Casey Prather, you would rather go somewhere else and sit out a year before you play again. Good Luck.

Kenny Kadji, get healthy, and fast because Patric Young is going earn playing time fast with his willingness to bang and play defense before offense ("He's a mini-Dwight Howard.") He'll take your non-existant minutes and capitalize on them. Don't worry though, if you put in the work and get strong from the core on out, and gain that physical defense and defensive commander mindset (that Young already has) you two could form a front court duo that rivals the defensive intensity of Horford and Noah. But take the baby steps first.

Adam Allen, um, yeah, are you still on the team and able to play? If so I seem to recall you being one of our top recruits in 07, care to show us why? Hopefully after two seasons of sitting out you've become an expert at Billy's philosphy and can run his game plan to exactness ... if you can run that is. But like Kadji, get healthy Young is coming, and although you seem more like a Dan Werner type player, (the time is past for the "Thunder Dans" at UF) if you can consistently hit any shot (something Dan couldn't do) you'll be on the floor for stretches. Better believe in yourself and be able to do a lot more if you want to play.

Erving Walker, my man, it's been, what, two seconds since you last turned it over. Just kidding. You should work on your ball handling and decision making all summer long, in fact forget about trying to improve from downtown. Let's say you make  two less turnovers a game over those last 4 weeks of the year and, we are talking about a few more Florida wins from that alone. Your quick, you got range (albeit spotty sometimes, but it's there) but decision making under pressure and rapidly just seemed to be your undoing this year. Tennessee exposed you, so, now you can fix it and expose them next year.

Casey Prather and Patric Young, don't celebrate your college scholarships to Florida by playing video games or partying all the time. Put in the work now, because it's just beginning and if you want to get paid to play, that's a must. I've never seen Prather play in person or had the opportunity to watch anything, but from what I read, and trusting Billy, you'll have a fair crack at the rotation next season, biggest advice -> play defense and hustle. Patric Young may not have scored boo-coo points at Providence, but he was surrounded by his AAU teammates and (much like D. Howard at times) it wasn't necessary. He is a load to handle and he seems to love the defensive side of the game much more over the offensive, which is just what this Florida team needs. I am not saying Young is the missing piece, but if he can affect his defensive attitude in Macklin or anybody else this team will NCAA tourney bound again next year. Loved watching Young send people packing into the 3rd row. I'll love it even more when he's in Orange and Blue. I expect him to win playing time quickly, he's smart, athletic, and plays defense and hustles. (Everything that Donovan loves.)

 Here's to 2010-2011 building on the ending of 2009-2010.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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