A Must Read For Rival Fans


Since the emergence of Tim Tebow and the success of Urban Meyer Gator nation has become the target of ridicule. Even some of our own have taken sides with these talking heads. Before you start your Gator bashing please read my list of how I feel about some of these rumors or issues you people spew at us Gator fans every day, whether it be here at SBN or in your personal life.

Feel free to add your opinion and or spin in the comments.

  • Stop telling me why Tim Tebow won't make it into the NFL. Just because you watched ESPN's Todd McShay or Mel Kiper doesn’t make you an expert. I know what they said, and I know his draft stock. No need to repeat it like a broken record every other thread.
  • If Tebow isn't successful at the NFL level it doesn’t change our perception of him and what he did for our Gators. He is still one of the best college players EVER! So bash Tebow all you want, but you will never bring his super hero status down, no matter how hard you try.
  • Stop telling us how you are tired of hearing about Tim Tebow. Neither Tim nor I control what the media covers. Most of the people complaining of Tebow fatigue are the main ones talking about him. It's like the line from the Howard Stern movie; no matter if you like him or not people just want to see what he will do next. Same thing with Tebow. So blame that on yourselves.
  • We don’t care if you hate Urban Meyer. We would rather have a hated coach that wins than a loved coach who loses. See Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook.
  • We know it’s lonely at the top. So things like Jortz just make me laugh. I actually wear jean shorts on purpose with my Tebow  jersey on game day. Not nearly as short and tight as the rumors claim, but hey who can blame them, it’s hot in Gainesville during game day.
  • Tebow may be gone, but you will know who John Brantley is very soon.
  • If you think Gator fans are the worst, sorry for your bad experience... but Gator fans are no worse than any other school. Every school has bad apples, and if your FSU, UT, UGA...I don’t condone personal insults but other than that, what do you expect?
  • Just because we don’t travel across the nation to play some mediocre team out of conference, it does not justify your rants about our schedule being weak. If you think all teams should travel cross country to prove their worth, well that’s your problem. Maybe there is some conspiracy with the SEC, or maybe your just being a biased fan because your team isn’t in the SEC. Either way, when SEC teams stop whooping opposing teams ass in BCS championship games, maybe someone will care. Until then, quit crying.
    Updated title 4APR, didn't make sense.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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