Inital thoughts on Game 2: USF.

(Note: These are running thoughts starting from the opening kickoff until the end of the 4th Quarter)

Offensive Thoughts:
Holy crap Moody is just downright pathetic.
Horrible first possession...again.
Deonte "Stone Hands" Thompson makes yet another appearance.
Rainey shows up with a nice run, and Carl Moore shows up with a so-so run after a catch for 7 yards.
12:25 left in 2nd Quarter and Andre Debose makes his season debut.
Deonte Thompson with another drop. And another.
Nice catch by Carl Moore on 4th and 3.
'Atta boy Thompson! Way to finally hang on to the ball.
Rainey out the second half with a concussion. Can I please have some Gillislee now?
Why is it again that Gillislee didn't play in the 1st half? Please don't tell me it was because of Moody.
And the first drive of the second half goes just like the first drive of the first half.
Jeff Demps is by far our best offensive player. Jordan Reed with a nice block on that TD.
5:40 to go in the 3rd Quarter. Has Moody finally arrived? Moooooooody? Two nice runs in a row.
Gillislee runs in for the TD that Moody actually earned. Now the offense is cooking!!!
Jeff Demps is just absolutely gassed. Moody fails to take advantage. Shocking.
Why on 2nd and Goal is Burton a primary target?
Carl Moore starting to step-up and become a legit threat in the passing game.
Andre Debose shows up again with 8:37 left in the game.
Demps and Moody just running to finish this game out.
Jordan Reed with a nice TD catch. If him and Hines step up, that is a great TE combo.

Defensive Thoughts:
Not quite as dominant early on as in the Miami (Ohio) game but that was expected.
Long drives anyone? Bad penalty on Jeremy Brown, turn the other way buddy.
Bostic is one slow LB.
Great play by Jeremy Brown on a pass break-up on about a 40 yard pass.
Two defensive stops in a row! Maybe the coaches did gameplan after all.
INT for Ahmad Black right exactly one minute before half-time!
I want to see a replay of that face-mask penalty on Janoris Jenkins.
Another INT by Ahmad Black as time expires in the first half.
This defense is bending but not breaking. Very opportunistic as well.
Hicks and Riggs combine on back-to-back plays. Very nice!
Defense is everywhere. With Hicks and Bostic in pursuit of the QB, Justin Trattou gets an INT and returns it for a TD!!!
The freshman on the defense are in and they are hungry. Led by Floyd.
I'll say it again. Very opportunistic. Sometimes they will miss and give up a big play. Almost an INT by Black.
Janoris Jenkins is a beast. Elam with a lot of pressure as well.
Janoris Jenkins with an INT!!! What a freaking ball hawking secondary we have.
Special Teams:
Nice return by Demps to start things off.
Nice first punt by Chas Henry. Very good to see.
Horrible block in the back by Kedric Johnson. That was one of the dumbest ever.
Chas Henry came to play today. Caleb Sturgis did not.
Neiron Ball makes a great call in not making that block, Rainey is stuffed on the return but there is no penalty.
Caleb Sturgis continues his awful year. He also looks to continue kicking his kicks out of bounds.
Great kick-off coverage! Robert Clark is a beast on coverage.
Block in the back missed by the refs after the Trattou INT TD kickoff. Cost the Gators about 20 yards.
Jeff Demps nearly takes that kickoff return for a TD.
At least Sturgis can hit from 22 yards out.
Kickoff coverge there wasn't so good after the FG.

Player Grades on Offense:
QB: John Brantley B+, Trey Burton INC
RB: Emmanuel Moody C+, Jeff Demps A+, Chris Rainey B, Trey Burton C, Mike Gillislee A-, Mack Brown C+
WR: Deonte Thompson B-, Carl Moore B+, Trey Burton INC, Jeff Demps A, Robert Clark B
TE: Omarius Hines C, Jordan Reed B

Player Grades on Defense: 

DL: William Green B+, Kedric Johnson F, Omar Hunter C+, Justin Trattou A+, Duke Lemmens B, Jaye Howard INC, Ronald Powell INC, Sharrif Floyd B+, Terron Sanders C, Lerentee McCray B
LB: Jon Bostic C, A.J. Jones B+, Jelani Jenkins C, Lorenzo Edwards B, Brandon Hicks B
DB: Jeremy Brown B, Josh Evans C-, Ahmad Black A+, Janoris Jenkins A+, Matt Elam B+, Cody Riggs B+, Jaylen Watkins C

Player Grades on Special Teams:
K: Caleb Sturgis C+
P: Chas Henry A
KR: Jeff Demps A
PR: Chris Rainey D, Janoris Jenkins A-

Random Thoughts:
Still a lot of empty seats at kickoff. And throughout the game as well.
7 points at halftime. The offense can't be that bad, can it?
John Brantley throws to Thompson way too much. He needs to realize that there are other recivers on this team.
162 yards of offense at the half. At least that is a HUGE and much needed improvement.
The offensive line (especially the snaps) are much improved. Though not early in the 2nd half.
Very impressed with how this team responded in the second half. Even though USF scored that TD late. Still, very impressive to see.
Maybe the reason the stands are somewhat empty is due to the heat. Hopefully that is the reason.

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