SEC Power Poll Week 2


Our SEC Power Poll ballot for week two. Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Alabama: The Tide demonstrated that the difference in speed from the SEC to the Big Ten isn't skill players. It is the linemen. Bama ate up Penn State, allowing less than 300 yards of total offense and forcing four turnovers.

2. South Carolina: Auburn has Bo Jackson, Florida has Tim Tebow, Georgia has Herschel Walker, South Carolina has Marcus Lattimore. The Gamecocks are now the favorite in the SEC East.

3. LSU: It was against Vandy, limiting anyone to 135 total yards is an accomplishment. Stevan Ridley and Russell Shepard create a nice one-two punch that should keep the Tigers undefeated into the Florida game on October 9.

4. Auburn: Cam Newton's 206 yards of total offense against Miss State won't be necessary every week. But it will help.

5. Florida: If it wasn't for Alabama football and Kentucky basketball, Florida football would have the most ridiculous fanbase in the SEC. The angst over the last two games proves that we can't tolerate a rebuilding season.

6. Arkansas: The Hogs have played two high school teams and face a shell-shocked Georgia with a rookie quarterback. Just another chance for Ryan Mallett to pad the stats.

7. Tennessee: I think Tennessee has the talent. What concerns me is the Matt Simms-Derek Dooley relationship. In the second half against Oregon, Simms would make a mistake and Dooley would freak out. Flipping Tennessee back into a contender will not happen if there is no patience.

8. Kentucky: Assuming UK beats Akron this weekend and Charleston Southern later this season, the Wildcats only need to go 2-6 in the SEC for bowl eligibility. Aim high, Cats.

9. Mississippi State: Once Chris Relf learns the jump pass and gets some receivers who can catch, the Bulldogs should be ok.

10. Georgia: What Lattimore did to the Dawgs can impact their psyche for the whole season. They can't let that game beat them for more than one game.

11. Ole Miss: The best thing the Rebels have going for them is their sense of humor. (Well, everyone but the sorority chicks and Bama Bangs frat bros.) By the way, the Vandy game is a trap!

12. Vanderbilt: After the near comeback against Northwestern, we expected something better than three points against LSU. This week at Ole Miss will be their best chance for an SEC win.

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