Initial thoughts on Game 1 - Miami (Ohio)

Offensive Thoughts:
Why so many screen/outlet passes? I think that with about 6 minutes to go in the 1st quarter that play was overdone.
Moody still is horrible. No hands and can't run. Why did we allow this guy to transfer here?
John Brantley looks okay at best,some of the fumbles are his fault. Omarius Hines looks good.
Mike Pouncey doesn't look good. But then again the whole OL looks horrible.
12 total yards of offense at the half. Pathetic. Actually, that is beyond pathetic.
Play-calling questionable again but that is nothing really new.
Pouncey at center, isn't working out. Time to move him.
17 total yards with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. I don't even know what to say.
4 minutes to go in the 3rd and the Gators fumble for the 395th time. Absolutely ridiculous.
Start of 4th, 25 yards of offense. Unreal.
Jeff Demps takes things into his own hands. 72 yard TD run. Very nice.
Who is really calling the plays? Addazio or Loeffler?
Deonte Thompson makes a nice catch on 3rd and 4.
Omarius Hines is looking like our #1 pass catcher on offense.
Mike Gillislee is our second best RB, and it is not even close.

Defensive Thoughts:
A couple of INT's. This defense is trying to be a ball-hawking defense.
Jaye Howard does really good one play (tackle for loss) then the next one, can't line up properly.
I can see that just like last year, long drives are going to be a problem again.
Pretty solid tackling overall. Some missed tackles but really nothing to be alarmed at so far (start of 3rd Quarter).
Man coverage is not this defenses strong suit.
Late hits/Roughing the passer. This is not FSU. Lawrence Marsh and Janoris Jenkins I'm looking at y'all.
Changed my mind again. Jaye Howard is having the best DL day.
Above average pass rush throughout the game. Very nice to see.
Ahmad Black is still a big hitter. Love it.
Nice to see Jeremy Brown making some plays (especially that INT), kid deserves it. 

Special Teams:
Just for future reference, Matt Elam, you are allowed to advance a PR. Just grab it and run. The ball will not bite you.
Aside from the fake punt, they looked like your average Urban Meyer special teams. Solid as usual.
For the first time in his career, Chas Henry will be depended upon. His first punt was just plain bad.
The best special teams play of the game was Gillislee's return halfway through the 3rd Quarter.
Really Caleb. A missed FG and a miss on an extra point. Geeeeez.
Kickoff return coverage could use some work.

Player Grades on Offense:
QB: John Brantley C-
RB: Jeff Demps A-, Chris Rainey C-, Mike Gillislee B-, Emmanuel Moody F, Trey Burton B-
WR: Deonte Thompson C+, Chris Rainey C-, Jeff Demps D+,
TE: Omarius Hines A-

Player Grades on Defense: 

DL: Jaye Howard A-, Justin Trattou B+, Duke Lemmens C-, Lawrence Marsh D-, Ronald Powell B
LB: Jonathan Bostic A-, Brandon Hicks B, A.J. Jones A-
DB: Ahmad Black A-, Janoris Jenkis B+, Matt Elam B+, Josh Evans B+, Jeremy Brown B+

Player Grades on Special Teams:
K: Caleb Sturgis D-
P: Chas Henry F
KR: Jeff Demps B-, Mike Gillislee A-, William Green C
PR: Matt Elam INC, Chris Rainey B

Random Thoughts:
A lot of empty seats. Very sad to see.
That was a safety, score should have been 21-8 Gators at one point.
The Gators deserve to be dropped 15 spots or more in the Polls.
And the amount of empty seats grow as the fans leave at the start of the 4th.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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