I Don't Get It

I really don't.

The schemes, play calls...whatever. That stuff comes and goes.

I don't understand how we ended up with so many poor players. I know they try their best, but this team is stocked to the brim with bad football players. Somehow, all of those recruiting titles resulted in a roster with a handful of UF-level talent (Elam, Easley, Sturgis, Bostic, perhaps a couple more), and a gaggle of well below average players.

Evans and Shaw are lost causes. Saunders has potential. Elam is as advertised.

Riggs is lost. Watkins is lost. Roberson has potential.

Bostic and Jenkins have not performed entirely up their ceiling, but are still good players. McCray and Taylor have potential.

Easley is as advertised. Floyd, Powell, etc have potential, but have shown very little to confirm their rankings. The rest on the line are serviceable.

Thompson is lost. Reed is probably lost. Hammond is acceptable. Debose shows flashes, and then disappears. Dunbar is missing.

Christian and Leonard are missing. Hines is evidently lost.

Burton has no role. Joyer has potential. Rainey has confirmed, as if we needed more proof, that he's not built to be the every down guy in the SEC. Demps is injured, again. Gillislee is M.I.A.  

The O-line...where shall we begin? Actually, let's just not go there.

How did this happen? Sure, a few of them will blossom with time, but there are almost no upperclassmen of any ability. I have not seen the natural talent from many of the younger players to suggest they will ever reach championship caliber. 

What has led us to this point? It was assumed by every Gator and national pundit that UF would always have talent. That is not the case. There has been significant attrition, but the loss of players does not account for the inability of the remaining players. Are the recruiting rankings flawed so deeply that they're entirely without merit? Given the great teams at Alabama and LSU, both of whom are perennial Signing Day powerhouses, I think not. Was the coaching at the end of Meyer's reign so bad that these players are essentially starting from scratch? I buy that somewhat with the OL, but not everywhere. Is the current coaching inferior? It's too early to tell, but the initial returns are not good.

We can't field a punt. We can't pass. We can't run. Poor schemes and plans explain some of this, but not most of it. A lack of talent explains most of it. I don't know how we got here, and frankly I'm not entirely on board with the plan to get us out of here.

We're staring down the barrel of 6-6 -- or worse. That would be the worst record at Florida in 32 years. Frankly, I don't think it would be out of order. This may very well be the lowest point in 30 years for the actual talent level at UF. I don't like talking about our players in these terms, but I can't watch this much incompetence and keep quiet. 

How did this happen?

To put it into my main frame of reference for reality (Arrested Development), Troll2Troll = George Sr., the Gators = Buster.

You Were Just A Turd (via mastjaso)

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