Pear Bryant or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boom

(Edited, promoted, updated time to push to front. I'll have my own rebuttal to that FanPost later today. — Andy)

Yes. I will say it right off the bat: the Gators are not a good team this year. Our offense is anemic for the second year straight. We get dominated on the line of scrimmage, on both sides of the ball. We have a running game that is a liability, despite having two of the fastest running backs in football at any level.

This post is why about absolutely zero of that matters, and is a counterpost to the FanShot calling for Will Muschamp's job.

First, the offense is anemic, but it really went down the tubes when John Brantley was injured. "Injuries are part of the game," blah blah: Yeah, I get that, but we had four QBs on the roster when Muschamp took over, and two, flat out, don't fit the new system, (sorry, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed) and got shuffled away. And what ever happened to Tyler Murphy, anyway?

This means we have one QB who is not a freshman. ONE. And he was injured. And he was actually doing pretty well up until that injury. He played well in the first half against Georgia, before his ankle obviously became problematic again.

Our O and D lines are actually doing well ... in the first quarter. Unfortunately, they're also spread-option recruits. They're relatively undersized, and while fast, they need to be rotated in and out when playing a bigger, more physical team. With me so far? So what's the problem? Depth. We don't have the bodies to throw at the wall like we had, and we don't have any more Pounceys to throw at the problem to cover it up. After a while, they're just spent, and it shows. Our QBs start getting hit, our RBs start running into a wall, and while our D-line is faring a little better it's staying on the field way too long thanks to the constant three-and-outs.

These are all problems which could have been foreseen. We have nine fewer scholarship players than USC, which, if you'll recall, is on probation with reduced scholarships. This is a result of ONE of Urban Meyer's recruiting classes suffering abnormal levels of "bust," combined with the normal attrition that accompanies a coaching change. It will be worked out.

So, back to the premise of the post: Give Muschamp a couple recruiting classes. Let him build up depth, which we sorely need. Let Weis bring in his players.  To be honest, it may take two full classes to get the kind of depth we SHOULD have, but if I'm right? There will be steady improvement along the way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go drink heavily...

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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