Anybody interested in a friendly wager with the folks at Tomahawk Nation?

Basically, here is the outline of the bet: (Yes, it opens a new window if you want to read the comments thus far)

I'll start this out by saying that I'm fairly certain that most people here know who I am, what kind of poster I am and such, so I won't make this an introductory post. This post is also more about what some of us talked about here at TN, right before the season started.

First, if you don't remember the discussion, or didn't happen to see it, basically what was talked about was a friendly bet between myself and some of the members on here. What we were betting on, was obviously the winner of the Florida-Florida State game this weekend.

Some of the early offers were: Someone would send me an FSU shirt that I would wear and take a picture, a hat ... etc., but I come here today to offer another wrinkle. I e-mailed Bud to give him a heads up, but haven't heard back. Basically the new offer is this:

Whoever wins the game (UF or FSU) gets to make a front page post on the losing team's blog? Meaning that if Florida wins, Alligator Army gets to make a front page post at TN. If FSU wins, Tomahawk Nation gets to make a front page post at AA. Now obviously the post can't contain foul language, personal attacks on posters etc., but you can write whatever you want. If FSU happens to win, y'all want to talk about how great Dillard's is.

We still have time to iron out any details regarding the post, so yeah, feel free to edit the offer.

Now that the big bet is out of the way, I want to go on record and say that my personal bet still remains on the table as well. If someone on here wants to bet "user pictures" or "signatures" for a like a week let me know. Those type of things were also talked about in our previous discussions on the subject. Obviously, the time frame of a week can be changed, that's just something that occurred to me as a fair time.

Love to hear what you guys have to say.

The quote there is the original post I made at TN.

No word yet on the front page post, but I think it is a good idea to see if anybody else here, is interested in a signature and/or avatar bet with them. It would only be for like a week.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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