Spring Notes: Brantley progressing still, Demps on track and Ball has another procedure

Even thought the baseball team lost last night 5-2 to the dreaded Seminoles, it is still a great day (as always) to be a Florida Gator!

Hot off the press (well, sort of) is the issue of John Brantley and his understanding of Charlie Weis' playbook, how Muschamp feels about Jeff Demps running track and the unfortunate news that Neiron Ball had yet another medical procedure.

John Brantley's struggles at quarterback are well documented. A quick Google search of the subject will return hundreds of articles on the subject within seconds.

So far, everybody under the sun has had nothing but good news to say about John Brantley and his transition from the Urban Meyer spread offense to the Charlie Weis pro-style offense, including Brantley himself

"This is more my style," Brantley said. "This is what I do — just drop back and throw it."

That sounds a lot like the words we heard guys like Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Jesse Palmer, Doug Johnson and Rex Grossman say under Steve Spurrier. Just sit back and fire that ball down the field. As we all know, that has always been how we envisioned Brantley as a Gator. Three step drop and then hitting passes all over the field to  Deonte Thompson, Andre Debose, Frankie Hammond, Omarius Hines and company.

Whatever it takes to improve on his below average 9 touchdown, 10 interception season.

On another note, it is no secret that Jeff Demps loves running track. He is even the current 60 meter Indoor National Champion. But how does Muschamp feel about it? Not surprisingly he is okay with it.

"Mentally, he has an idea of what we’re going to ask him to do in the fall," Muschamp said. "He’ll be involved in that, and when we start camp in August, he’ll be competing for the starting job.

"He was able to bring another national championship to the University of Florida. I have a hard time telling the guy he can’t run track. I think that’s pretty selfish."

Muschamp goes on to say that Demps has attended all the team meetings and walkthroughs, and that he hopes that the seven-on-seven drills that Demps is scheduled to take part in during the summer will have him in football shape for the fall.

It is also being reported today that linebacker Neiron Ball had another medical procedure. Edit: updated link. - Thanks to KnoleR3 for bringing it to my attention.

"Neiron Ball had a procedure today," Muschamp said. "He will be fine and we are working through that with him and his family. It is an unfortunate situation and he is a fine young man."

Football has to be the farthest thing from Ball and his loved ones at the moment. It doesn't even matter at this point. The only thing that should matter is his health. It is just a shame as he was just starting to feel comfortable at Florida when all of these unfortunate incidents began to happen.

Get well soon Neiron and whether or not you are playing, we hope to see you on the sidelines this fall.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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