Spring Notes: "Dual Threat" Brissett, a format change and another injury

Good old April Fools Day. Such fun. Whether or not you believe that April Fools Day came about due to the fact that the American Colonies were called "fools" by the rest of the world (the Christian world that is) because they still went by the Julian Calendar (which began the New Year on April 1st) instead of the new Gregorian Calender (which as we all know, begins the New Year on January 1st). The reason for that is is probably because almost all of the Colonies were established for religious freedom and they didn't want a church (in this case the Catholic Church) telling them that their calender was wrong and that this new one was right.

Anyways, just a little history lesson/perspective. It's all in good fun anyway and prank away. Though it might be too late for that.

As always though, on to the topics...

It has been a pretty slow week when it comes to the football team and their practices. A couple of injuries here and there (of course) but nothing season-ending (thankfully, knocking on wood) or anything serious like that.

Jacoby Brissett has led Dwyer to a 33-1 record this basketball season and is widely known as one of the players who can excel (quite well) at two different sports. In lots of high schools across the country, someone will play two sports (or more) but rarely is someone so accomplished.

On the prospect and history of Jacoby playing both football and basketball:

"I came to Dwyer to play basketball and I made a promise to my [football] coach that whichever sport I got my first scholarship offer from, I would stick to," Brissett said.

Then according to the article an offer came for football, from Boston College...

"But even though I made that promise, I wasn’t giving up basketball," Brissett said.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that Brissett plays both football and basketball for the Gators. I'm also of the feeling that he will be a better basketball Gator than he will a football Gator. I'm not saying he will be horrible on the football field, I just think (based on these and other comments) his heart is really into basketball. Though if he turned into the Gator version of Charlie Ward, I won't complain one bit.

On a more interesting note, Muschamp announced today that the Orange and Blue spring football game will be undergoing a few format changes.

"We’re going to probably have an offense that scores for the Blue and an offense that scores for the Orange," Muschamp said after Friday’s practice. "We need to have a good functional day teaching our schemes.

When asked why, Muschamp responded:

"No. 1, we’re too thin to divide up. No. 2, I don’t want a guy matched up in a bad mismatch issue, and you can’t get the ball off in some situations. That certainly can happen, especially as thin as we are.

Thus the reason why guys like Earl Okine are "double training" at multiple positions. In Okine's case, at defensive end and defensive tackle. One healthy running back (Chris Rainey) and only seven healthy offensive lineman (including walk-ons) no doubt lead to this decision.

Lastly, another injury occurred. This time to red-shirt sophomore offensive tackle Nick Alajajian who suffered cartilage damage in his knee and is out three months following surgery of course. 

There’s nobody feeling sorry for the Gators right now, I can tell you that, Muschamp said. "It’s something that happens. We don’t have any excuses around here."

No excuses. That is exactly right.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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