Spring Notes: Burton injured, a paintball outing and other things

Sorry for the break in posts as I had some unexpected things I had to care of. Throw in some perfect weather (no rain) which allowed me to play some golf as well. I hope everyone is enjoying the end of spring and the beginning of their summer.

The Orange and Blue game as everyone knows is tomorrow, and I wasn't going to say anything about the Chris Dunkley situation this early, but I just can't help myself. Chris Dunkley has been suspended from the team for academic reasons and more than likely won't play in the Orange and Blue game.

"He's suspended from the team at this point," Muschamp said. "Academically, he needs to handle some things (before he can return). That's where we are right now."

Hopefully he can get his academics in order this summer and rejoin the team in the fall. I have every inclination that he will and that this is only a one-time thing.

Anyway, on to the rest of the topics....

Another player on the outside looking in, or at least seen as "limited" for tomorrow's Orange and Blue game is WR/TE/FB/RB Trey Burton. Who received an undisclosed injury after taking a hit and is expected to be severely limited during the game tomorrow, if he even plays at all. Tight lips are theme of the spring thus far and that continues with the Burton injury.

He suffered an undisclosed injury during practice recently after taking a hit, a source said. Coach Will Muschamp has not mentioned the injury and a UAA spokesperson did not respond to a media inquiry.

Your guess as to what the full extent of the injury is, is probably as good as mine. I've heard some things (who hasn't?), but most of them are unsubstantiated.

Many corporations, sports teams and friends play games such as paintball, tug-of-war and beanbags (corn hole?) to build friendship, trust and any other unifying verb, adjective that you would like.The 2011 Florida Gators football team took that approach yesterday.

Judging from coach Muschamp's tweet about it, he was pretty excited.

"Decided to have a team building exercise today instead of meetings and lifting. Paintball for the Gators this afternoon!"

Thought whoever it was that shot up WR Stephen Alli (picture here) is probably going to have some explaining to do. But it is all in good fun and I'm sure that Stephen will get his revenge at some point.

Some other news and notes to point out as we head to the Orange and Blue game tomorrow....

OL Ian Silberman has been moved from guard to tackle.

CB Jaylen Watkins is switching to safety.

CB De'Ante "Pop" Saunders has a strained hamstring.

Some final news from our resident reporter on the team in DT Sharrif Floyd...

Redshirt sophomore WR Andre Debose and junior T Xavier Nixon sat out of practice with sprained ankles over the weekend.

Keep up the good work Sharrif!

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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