The Alligator Army Power Rankings: Week 8 finds Alabama on top

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

Texas Tech and Oklahoma move up, Stanford and Baylor move down. The Gators slide a bit, but are still solidly in the top ten, and their wins over Texas A&M and LSU still look good.

For details about how we arrive at these rankings, please see last week's edition.

Another wild weekend for college football reshuffles the power rankings a bit. Just a quick refresher on how the rankings work, scoring offense (SO) plus scoring defense (SD) plus win/loss record (WL) times strength of schedule (SoS).

Rank (Delta) Team Score
1 (2) Alabama 1.66835643756506
2 (-1) Notre Dame 1.62903393795667
3 (6) Texas Tech 1.43497312624961
4 (-2) West Virginia 1.42912614439575
5 (12) Oklahoma 1.3627669723361
6 (-1) Florida 1.35321755815758
7 (9) Texas A&M 1.305166539254
8 (5) Oregon St. 1.25346596421832
9 (-1) Oregon 1.24690694702602
10 (5) Cincinnati 1.22698094056072
11 (-7) Iowa St. 1.21617835932865
12 (7) Kansas St. 1.14214697142278
13 (-2) Ohio St. 1.13610410092755
14 (-4) South Carolina 1.13116120760916
15 (6) LSU 1.12812720266463
16 (-4) Florida St. 1.11383676883907
17 (-10) Stanford 1.06728541093628
18 (-12) Baylor 1.05797959190363
19 (-5) Texas 0.963130297094653
20 (13) North Carolina 0.960557796061652
21 (1) Rutgers 0.956000347712947
22 (4) Penn St. 0.93584192829461
23 (0) Boise St. 0.931854284668462
24 (-4) Arizona St. 0.925002072534339
25 (4) Nebraska 0.911439092594313

Other teams on the Gators' schedule:

  • 27. Georgia
  • 39. Tennessee
  • 56. Missouri
  • 67. Louisiana-Lafayette
  • 72. Vanderbilt
  • 85. Bowling Green
  • 86. Kentucky

Other Florida schools:

  • 42. Miami
  • 60. USF
  • 71. UCF
  • 101. FIU
  • 113. FAU

Auburn is still pulling up the rear in the SEC at No. 99, and Idaho takes over the bottom overall with a score of 0.2451.

Idle Georgia drops to No. 27, while Oklahoma jumps 12 spots on the strength of the beating they delivered to Texas. Arizona and Michigan State also drop out of the top 25. Not listed in the top 25, Virginia Tech was the week's biggest mover, jumping 35 spots to No. 57 after a big win over Duke (which sums up all you need to know about the ACC this year).

The Big 12 is holding strong with seven teams in the top 25. It really speaks to Iowa State's strength of schedule that the Cyclones are still ranked just outside the top 10 with two losses.

Notre Dame loses their top spot after its controversial win over Stanford. The Irish are one of six teams (along with Alabama, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Florida and Oregon) to remain in the top 10 from last week.

Texas Tech hasn't been getting much love from the pollsters, but Tommy Tuberville is putting together a great season in Lubbock. The Raiders are averaging over 40 points per game, and have played one of the tougher schedules so far this year.

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