The More They Won....The More We Started To Expect

Again, I say, "At the beginning of the season we as Gator fans did not have so many lofty expectations. We were just hoping for a 9-3 record with such young Quarterbacks. And, any fans that I talked to thought that would be a respectable football season for our program.

And, then they started to surprise us and pile up the wins. And, they piled them up in ugly and, come from behind wins on the road. So, non-believers started to become believers. And, by Halloween weekend the Bandwagon was pretty full-actually packed around the country. Out of 25 local Sportswriters polled only 3 picked Georgia to win on Saturday.

But, now reality has set in. Probably no BCS National Championship in our future this year. And, if Georgia can hold serve this upcoming weekend there will be no SEC East Championship or trip to Atlanta either.

I think Gator fans had on the orange and blue colored Sunglasses though-I certainly did. I ignored the slow starts by the team in every game. We gave a pass to the inexperience of Jeff Driskel because he showed progress in each game. And, he seemed to have that clutch gene so many speak of. And, we gave our OL credit because they got better and looked strong against LSU. We said, "LSU is still LSU no matter who they have at QB." In addition, we did not have a stellar Offensive game against South Carolina. The Gamecocks handed us three Touchdowns. But, #2 is number two right?

Reality is here though folks. And, the reality is, this is a team with a tough minded Coach, an even tougher defense, an offense that needs a couple more Play-makers, and a Punter and Kicker that can win games for us. The reality is, we are rebuilding. And, it feels good to rebuild and win! Today 7-1 does seem so bad. But, we are re-building.

On Saturday, against our hated rival, Georgia was the aggressor from the initial kickoff. And, we continued to say this about Georgia;s play, "That was a dirty hit!" And, calls were not being called. But, doesn't this remind us of the likes of Spikes, Haden, Wright, and Dunlap days? We had the same type of defense with those players. We just had Superman and the most talented Playmaker to ever play for Florida in Percy on offense. But, Tebow and Harvin aren't coming back and Driskel is no Tim Tebow and, Debose is definitely not Harvin. As, Dooley or Andreu said, "We could not find a way to win that game." We are probably just a Kelvin Taylor away from that win although I am completely pleased with what Gillislee has done this year.

But. Georgia had the speed to keep up with Florida on the corners and, their DL outplayed and, out muscled our OL. And, say what you want folks, Jarvis Jones is a beast. Our OL line has to shoulder a lot of this blame. And, maybe that is the reason for some of Driskel’s mistakes. But, to me he digressed. Driskel made poor decisions, and, just looked plain John Brantley like. If we score that Touchdown, at the end of the first half and not an interception, I think the end result would be a different one. Yes, I know this is Sunday and Monday Morning QB but, we have to wonder as fans.

There is hope and a ray of sunshine though. Despite 6 turnovers our defense only rendered 17 points. This can’t be overstated enough. I am proud of them. And, Driskel, the Offense, Coach Muschamp and Coach Pease will learn from this. They have to if we are going to be successful in the SEC.

Their success kept us on the edge of our seats for an entire two months. And, just plain made Gator fans looked forward to every Saturday. We have a chance to be 7-1 in the league if we can take care of Mizzou. Having a shot at this is nothing to sneeze at. We have to say, ‘It’s great to be a Gator."

We were so excited about Florida-Georgia Weekend. Even Muschamp said, "This is a one game season." Well, that one game is over. So, the problem lies within that prevailing thought….."The more they won, the more we started to expect from them" Now what?

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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