Quick notes and first impressions from the LSU game

After a one game break - what was I going to say about the Kentucky game aside from that we far out classed them in every important way? - I return to offer you my thoughts, such as they are.

Tonight Florida won a game that somehow seems to me to be much more of a beatdown then the score shows, a 14-6 win in which the Rowdy Reptiles didn't allow a single touchdown. There was a lot of good, obviously, along with some so-so and some bad.

Florida came into the game with some questions about how they would adjust on offense to a defense just as talented as they are. LSU came into the game with questions about, well, everything really. Both teams answered those questions, to some extent.

- Free Gilly: Back at SEC Media Days Florida RB Mike Gillislee promised to deliever 1,500 yards and 24 TD's. Those are rather lofty goals, to say the least, and would make him easily the best back since C4 ran amuck throughout opposing defenses. The general thought at the time was it was great that he was setting those kinds of goals, even if he wasn't likely to reach them.

The general thought was wrong.

Gillislee turned in a 34 yard cary, 146 yard game - with 2 TD's - that was the very definition of grinding. Which, given that he wears a bracelet with the word "GRIND" on it, is fitting. Five games in he's run for 548 yards and 7 TD's. He is currently on pace for just shy of 1,500 yards and and around 17 TD's. I think he'd be happy to reach the first goal and not the second and both are still in reach.

- Boom! Florida Defense: Florida is not only as good on defense as we had ever hoped they would be, they are likely even better. LSU eventually would up with two scoring drives, the first that started off the game and was saved from a 3rd and a mile attempt by a foul on Florida and a 2nd that started on the 7 yard line after a Florida fumble. Both resulted in Field Goals. Otherwise, Florida's defense was not only good, they were dominate. Florida is the only team left in all of 1A that has not allowed a single point to be scored against them in the 4th quarter.

-Speaking of which, Matt Elam is a man possessed: When Matt Elam finally stopped fooling around with FSU and joined the Gators, he was picked to be the most exciting safety since Reggie F'ing Nelson roamed any part of the world not covered by water. This is a tough tag to fost on any player, akin to being told that you'll be the next Tim Tebow. Today, Elam delivered, in bone crushing fashion. The one real knock on Elam has been that he's always been more interested in making the hit then making the play. Today he proved that he could do both perfectly fine, thank you very much. He also reinforced the idea that real Gator Defenders are Pink Assassins.

As I write this, South Carolina is whipping Georgia in glorious fashion. It doesn't seem at all unlikely that the real strength of the SEC is not in the West but in the East and that Florida-South Carolina might just decide the eventual national title picture.

How crazy is that?

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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