Podcast for Week 12 (Florida Gators v. JSU gamecocks)

Here's the podcast and my notes for the podcast (I broke down who is to blame or praise for nearly every drive.)

Florida Gator Podcast (Week 12: Florida Gators vs. JSU Gamecocks) (via GatorPodcast)

First drive
Some of the runs were the result of JSU just not being very good. We see a couple more yards when we normally wouldn't. The Assignment blocking was definitely better here though.
Right Tackle is having a lot of problems
2 runs in a row where the center and guards just aren't getting leverage.
Matt Jones running well. Reading the defense pretty well.
Trey Burton correctly reads option..
When your edges are getting crashed by the 3-4,your running plays have to develop pretty quickly and you have to get holes in the center.

2nd Drive
Gilly gets big hole because of crappy defense.
Trey Burton misreads option but gets the play because of crappy offense.
Missed assignment prevents Jones TD
Right tackle alls over on pass
Kent Taylor, FR TE drops TD pass.
Jacoby misses open Dunbar by locking onto the left side of the field

3rd drive
Dunbar catches and runs. Wondering why that isn't being caught on the run though.
Jacoby overthrows Hines deep by a little bit.
Gilly doesn't hit the hole fast enough and gets caught from behind.
Jacoby and right tackle don't read blitz very well. Jacoby has the chance to have thrown to open man but starts scrambling instead.

4th drive
Reed misses block. Tackle for loss.
Reed makes up for it on next play. Good throw and read by Jacoby
So instead of busting to this run to the outside when they hae anumber advantage, they push it right into a tackler. Peek misreads it.
Taking advantage of blitzing OLBs with swing pass. Good perimeter blocking.
Reed, Dunbar, Halapio good blocking on screen.
Solid bubble screen again against loaded box.
JSU does a pretty good job handing off coverage, but the windows are there. Dunbar this time.
Brisset fucks up TD pass. Wide open Jordan Reed.
Misses Trey Burton as well. Bad pass

5th drive
Dunbar drop.

6th drive.
Gillislee reads hole correctly, but there was a missed assignment where he wanted to run. Looks like Jordan Reed missed the assignment by double teaming the guy Humphries is burying.
JSU linebackers start mixing up coverage and blitzing. Go more into coverage on the outside to protect against the swing pass. Open up those lanes though. Not taken advantage of.
Hard to say who was to blame on Jacoby sacking himself by running out of bounds behind line of scrimmage. Looked like a couple of guys might have been open.

7th drive.
Gillislee ran needlessly too close to blockers on their guys when outside was wide open.
Dunbar and Joyer make this run happen. Nice gain.
Gilly reads hole correctly and hits it well. Pittman could have blocked better for a bigger gain.
Lot of potential open guys here. Dunbar beats his man's bump and run in the dust but Jacoby feels pressure and bails too soon.
Nixon misses sealing block: tackle for loss. chaz Green also gets confused and misses block.

8th drive
Hits Hammond who has like a 3 yard cushion by coverage. Once again..not in stride.
Solid bootleg to open Reed
Trey Burton reads option...OK. Runs into his own blocker's back.
Bullshit penalty on Jacoby
Hines outruns blockers still a decent gain on sweep.
Poorly executed screen by the right guard not guiding his man properly.

9th drive.
Badly designed play if there were really supposed to be two receivers in that area. Easily covered.
Crappy blocking by Halapio. Screen not well written up either.

10th drive
DJ Humphries totally misses a block tackle for loss
Robey misses block on screen. Minimal gain on set up screen.
Just a stupid play call running the screen to Burton when outnumbered on the outside.

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