Pease: Gators have been playing Oppossum Offensive the last 3 games

"When you go into the last few games, you hope you don't have to use a whole lot just because you feel like matchups are probably in your favor," Pease said. "So we didn't show a lot the last game and we kept things pretty simple. That was our intentions."

Jonottahn Harrison and the offensive line are as healthy as they have been since that dominating LSU game. Here’s what he thinks about Florida’s OC so far for Saturday:

"He's really a mastermind as an offensive coordinator and he always has something up his sleeve," Harrison. "I feel like he does what he thinks will help us win the game."

I have had the sinking feeling watching the past 3 games that we were inept. But then I went back to the Tennessee game, the A&M game, and even the LSU game. What I saw was a completely different approach, offensively, to winning the game.

Call me a homer, or looking at this with Orange & Blue eyes, but I feel that UF will move the ball against FSU, not to the tune of 400 or more yards, more likely 300. It’s not like UF hasn’t faced top notch defenses (LSU, So Car, and even UGA). Va Tech is the best defense FSU has faced, and they rank outside the top 50 in team defense.

When has FSU been challenged by a good to great defense this year or last year (besides UF)?

I have to give the staff credit; they obviously know they have a top notch defense, so they play to their strength. The offensive philosophy over the past 3 games must’ve been don’t lose the game. This Saturday, that philosophy needs to be go win the game.

Will we see "God’s Play" work miracles (meaning points and first downs) again, like earlier in the season? Will there be a new wrinkle? Maybe.

Of all the games to show how Florida will fair against the Noles, go look at Georgia. Comparable D in terms of talent, still gave up 191 yards through the air and 75 on the ground despite UF coughing it up 6 times.

Or go look at the A&M game whose D was good enough to allow Johnny Football a chance to win a Heisman with their performance so far this season. Florida gained 165 yards through the air at a whopping 9.7 yards a pass, and 142 yards on the ground.

So while many believe that the Gators will not be able to move the ball on FSU’s defense, I contend that UF will move the ball enough to win the game, comfortably if they don’t turn it over. FSU has more to worry about on offense than Florida does, they face their toughest defense of the season by a wide margin.

As to who actually wins the game … it’s a pick em, and for the first time since 2000 both team are in the top 10, with only 1 loss a piece and national title implications on the line. Go Gators.

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