Video: Will Muschamp asks a ref if his staff is from the Pac-12, colorfully

John Sommers II

"Colorfully" is code for "gloriously and profanely."

Remember when Florida fans were worried about Will Muschamp's temper and anger at officials was going to distract him from coaching his team? Not so much. And we still get wonderful, beautiful moments like this one:

"What is this guy, from the fuckin' Pac-12?"

Update: XOS Digital, the SEC's digital partner, has pulled the video. I'll see what I can do about getting it back up.

I don't know which game this is from for sure (though the 2012 coaches' polo and the long-sleeve white shirt suggests it's from the Jacksonville State game), or who filmed it (though the angle and the quality suggests it's GatorZone footage gone rogue) or how it came to be on the Internet (it's from some random YouTuber), but I'm glad it's here for now, and I have saved it such that it will never drop out of existence.

Update: In the comments, Year2 notes that this is almost certainly a reaction to the holding call on Jacoby Brissett:

This is definitely from the Jacksonville State game. Muschamp didn't wear the sleeves at the Missouri or ULL games but did for JSU.

After the money quote, you can hear the stadium announcer say "2nd-and-12, from the [something]-five". Sounds like it could be 35 or 45. Well, there is only one play in the play-by-play log that is 2nd-and-12 at a line that ends in five. It's a 2nd-and-12 from the 35, and it's the play after Jacoby Brissett was called for holding. So the Pac-12 type thing that he's upset about? It was Brissett's holding penalty.

I checked, and there are no 2nd-and-11, 12, or 13 plays within a yard of any other yard line that ends in 5, in case the announcer was off by one. That's the only play this outburst could have come after.

Will Muschamp is a national treasure of a football coach, the kind of guy who motivates men like parents want their sons to be motivated and is good at his job in a way that almost convinces you football coaches should make millions of dollars and hates the things the football Internet hates deeply. I reserve the right to change my mind on this, but, today, I'm in full "May he never have another head coaching job, and stay at Florida until his grandchildren graduate" mode.

And, for the record: The refs for the Jacksonville State game were Penn Wagers, Rick Lowe, Jay Vines, Terry Walters, Michael Watson, Jeff Batts, and Phillip Davenport. So it was, basically, an SEC crew.

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