Chomping at Bits: Gators players rest, while the coaches recruit

Chris Trotman

Chomping at Bits is back for Wednesday while a few links (and a video) to help you get caught up on all the latest news that we haven't covered already.

Chomping At Bits comes stocked with the best Florida Gators links and news we can find. Got a link we should check out? Email us at, subject line CAB.

Gators get some rest: While the football team rests after their win over Florida State, the coaches are out recruiting. According to Will Muschamp that rest includes lifting, running and maintaining endurance. They'll be back at it for bowl practice (which is the main benefit of making a bowl, more NCAA approved practice time) after the first week of December. (Wire reports, Herald-Tribune)

Recruiting after Florida State victory: Some people in the during the game and after (in the comment sections of various articles) wondered how the victory would look to recruits. Well, the early returns are good. Demarcus Walker, who is good friends with Gators commitments Ahmad Fulwood and Nick Washington, said the Gators' victory over the 'Noles "opened his eyes." He's still not sure if he's going to visit, but his comments tell us that the victory was noticed throughout the high school ranks. (Andrew Spivey, Gator Country)

Politicking because he can: I'm sure you've read Nicole's great article on the subject by now, but if you haven't I strongly suggest that you do. It's one of the better things you'll read all year. Bottom line is that when you're 11-1 and have the best resume in the country by far, you can say whatever the hell you want to say. Especially when Nick Saban's memory is about as short as a slug. (Dave George, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Gators and Hoyas still a no go: The game was canceled at halftime with the Gators leading 27-23 and some think that they should finish it up, which of course makes no sense. Get two teams together to finish half a basketball game? No thanks. While we're at it, just get rid of the aircraft carrier games all together. They were cool and fun at first, but now they are boring and a waste of time. (Hays Carlyon, Florida Times-Union)

Gator Sports Report 11-27-12: A little softball, basketball, volleyball and everyone's favorite "Top Plays" section.


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