Fanthropology: The crazy tales of a longtime Gator

Chris Trotman

To our Fanthropology winner, the O'Dome was a playground of sorts — and a funeral plot. And he doesn't recommend Astroturf.

Our winner of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes here at Alligator Army is Bob Stone, who asked me to ask him "why I always think of the O'Dome as the Chip and Dale Memorial, and if I ever played midnight nude basketball in the old Florida Gym after skinning dipping in the old Florida pool. I might admit to being one of the first to slide down the (unfinished) O'Dome roof, or at least name a co-conspirator." So I did.

What's the craziest thing you've done to support the Gators?

My national service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega) sponsored a fundraiser that was prominently featured during the 1979 homecoming. Not only did I get to speak at Gator Growl to promote the charity (closing with a rousing "Go Gators" to a packed stadium), I went around the campus during the week dressed in a gorilla suit, waving a Go Gators sign that also promoted fundraising.

Also, during that 1979 season, during that Auburn road trip, between the first and second quarters, I jumped over the stadium end zone wall with two Auburn female friends (we knew each other from high school) to have their picture taken standing on either side of Albert the Alligator, standing in the Auburn end zone. I knew the guy in the Albert suit from shooting a short documentary of him, so when I counted to three for the picture, he dropped his arms from around their shoulders to their backsides and 'goosed' them pretty good. Everyone in the end zone seats saw what Albert did and laughed; those Auburn girls had the most shocked/horrified/embarrassed facial expressions in the picture.

What's the third-craziest thing you've done?

OK, I think me and a fellow RA were the first students to slide down the O'Dome roof — before construction was finished. We also buried his two dead hamsters, Chip and Dale, under one of the footings the night before they poured the concrete (closest to Van Fleet Hall). That's why Alan and I forever called it the Chip and Dale Memorial Coliseum.

Might have entertained a lady friend one night at the 50 yard line of the old Astroturf version of Florida Field. I don't recommend Astroturf. God bless Steve Spurrier for later putting back the grass surface!

I did mention nude midnight basketball, right? That's got to count for something. We have one skinny chem engineering major that would stand on the rim, catch and drop basketballs through the net, and then jump up in the air, and fall THROUGH THE HOOP to the floor. He never caught anything on the rim on the way down. God, that would have been ugly! (You know what I'm talking about...)

And what one Gators moment do you remember best?

Favorite Gators moment? Tie: my oldest son getting Dan Cross' (basketball player) signature in Penneys at the Oaks Mall, and that same son meeting a Florida football player who also had type I diabetes (as does my son) in Shands. They seemed to always bump into each other at the doctor's office, and although I can't remember the players name (returned punts, jersey No. 1?) that player always, always remembered my son and talked with him each and every time they saw each other.

That's sportsmanship — going out of your way to set an example for kids.

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