Do Looks Matter?

In Edward Aschoff's Article over on GatorNation at ESPN you'll find an interesting tid bit towards the bottom.

Until things are settled in the passing department, Brissett said he’s comfortable having one advantage: the looks.

"That’s just something [Driskel] has to deal with," he said.

Glad we settled one thing with this quarterback battle.

Not going to argue with Jacoby on how he views himself as better looking than Jeff, but it got me thinking ... Does a quarterback's looks help, ultimately, his ability to play?

They say confidence breads success and the better looking you are, the better looking you perceive yourself. The better you perceive yourself the more confident you are at taking chances (oft times unnecessary ones). The more confident you are that you can take chances the more likely you are to take the right chances or make the most of the chances you have.

So I pose some questions. Do looks factor into your evaluation of a player? And if you say no, Would you pick Terry Bradshaw over Dan Marino? Bradshaw has 4 rings.

What about the, currently making of a, classic Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady? Do you consider Brady better looking?

Back to the Gators: Would you consider Sexy Rexy (Grossman) better looking than Danny Wuerffel? Or Tebow? Or how about ESPN analyst and former Gator QB Jesse Palmer? Who was better Palmer or Doug Johnson? I still find that a hard one to answer for myself (play wise, not looks).

After the jump a poll and my view of whether looks or the confidence to express your looks is even a justifiable evaluation point.

Personally I don't believe looks play a part in whether you are successful at sports, physically. I don't believe a person deemed to more sensitive to the eyes loses athletic ability based on their looks.

However I do believe that your looks can affect just how hard you push yourself. I often hear how good looking people often have it easier. They have things handed to them or they are preferred. While I am not fully sure that is mostly accurate or not, with the exception of women, some of the greatest athletes in our generation have been quite popular with the ladies. Whether it be via the promiscuous life style or just plain being good looking, they all seem to have that sense of innate extra confidence in themselves.

We often use sports as analogies in life, especially when it comes to problems such as dating or hunting (which can be used vice-versa). Why not apply the this extra confidence to use to so called "land the girl" on the football field? Wouldn't that same confidence be used to convert those 3rd and 10s or 3rd and 15's?

But we can also look at this from Jeff's view. If jacoby thinks he is better looking than him, wouldn't that push you more? Drive to study longer, extra pratice reps, extra weight room time. Applying another dating analogy, wouldn't he want to learn and pracitce some nice one liners and a few in depth subjects that he can zing, and then learn how to quickly identify which girls to use what on? Make up for what he lacks in looks with other talents and humor???

With all that being said, I end with this last question. If you had to choose today who would you pick to be your starting QB?

P.S. I just thought this was an interesting little liner Aschoff gave us.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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