Florida Gators Release First Fall Depth Chart For 2012 Season: Jeff Driskel, Jacoby Brissett Both Listed As Starters

In case you can't quite read that tiny text, it really does say depth chart on it.

Florida released its first fall depth chart of the 2012 season minutes ago at GatorZone. Here it is in its entirety, headlined by the "Jeff Driskel OR Jacoby Brissett" logjam at quarterback.


Position First-String Second-String
QB Jeff Driskel OR Jacoby Brissett
RB Mike Gillislee Mack Brown
FB Hunter Joyer Trey Burton
WR – X Frankie Hammond, Jr. Latroy Pittman OR Andre Debose
WR – Z Quinton Dunbar Solomon Patton
TE Jordan Reed Clay Burton
F-Back Trey Burton Omarius Hines
LT Xavier Nixon Kyle Koehne
LG James Wilson Ian Silberman
C Jonotthan Harrison Sam Robey
RG Jon Halapio Jessamen Dunker
RT Chaz Green Trip Thurman


Position First-String Second-String
DE Dominique Easley Earl Okine
NT (5T) Omar Hunter Leon Orr
DT (3T) Sharrif Floyd Damien Jacobs
Buck Lerentee McCray Dante Fowler
Sam Darrin Kitchens Neiron Ball
Mike Jonathan Bostic Michael Taylor
Will Jelani Jenkins Antonio Morrison
CB Jaylen Watkins OR Loucheiz Purifoy
FS Josh Evans Jabari Gorman
SS Matt Elam Valdez Showers
RCB Marcus Roberson OR Cody Riggs
Nickel Matt Elam Jaylen Watkins
Dime Matt Elam Brian Poole

Special Teams

Position First-String Second-String
K Caleb Sturgis Brad Phillips
P Kyle Christy Todd Fennell
KR Andre Debose Solomon Patton
PR Marcus Roberson Andre Debose
LS Drew Ferris Kyle Crofoot
H John Crofoot Tyler Murphy

More notes after the jump as I get a chance to add them.

  • Called that Driskel OR Brissett thing, huh? There's probably nothing to it, really, but the spring depth chart did list "Brissett OR Driskel," so if you want to read a fractional edge for Driskel into that, you're welcome to do so with a grain of evidence.
  • Matt Jones isn't listed here. I still think he'll get carries against Bowling Green but it's a little disappointing that he didn't push Mack Brown enough to jump onto this list.
  • The one thing that jumps out to the average observer has to be Andre Debose only meriting an OR spot at the Z position. He was listed as the starter at the X heading into the spring. Did Debose regress? Did he get passed as he failed to improve? Is this a bit of motivation for seemingly the only wide receiver on the roster with NFL-caliber talents? I'd go with the third explanation above all others, but it's probably a mix of them.
  • Latroy Pittman's rise, on the other hand, is cool. I expect him to do something against Bowling Green to make us take notice.
  • Pittman and Jessamen Dunker are the only two true freshmen on the two-deep on offense. Add redshirt freshman Trip Thurman, a surprising entrant at the backup LT spot, and there are only three freshmen on the offensive two-deep.
  • Thurman's only there because of Matt Patchan's injury, though. Patchan definitely has the talent to be better than Kyle Koehne or Thurman when healthy.
  • And so does another player conspicuous by his absence on the two-deep: D.J. Humphries. But he's hurt, so that makes sense.
  • Omarius Hines not even being able to get an OR spot when competing with Trey Burton for a made-up hybrid position is the story of Hines' life at Florida.
  • The defensive front is really good. Easley, Floyd, Hunter, and McCray across the line is fearsome, and Ronald Powell coming back at some point is only going to make the Buck role scarier. I also think Dante Fowler is really not far behind McCray at all, and would love to see McCray move back to the Sam spot when Powell gets healthy.
  • Kitchens and Ball were a toss-up for me, and I had Ball listed as a starter in my projection. I think Ball's going to be the guy at some point in this season, but there's just not a ton of difference between the two at this point.
  • Morrison being this good as a freshman is a really good thing. We're going to look back at him as one of the hidden gems of the 2012 recruiting class, and it may not be that long before we do.
  • The OR game being played at corner is a bunch of poppycock. I bet Florida comes out in nickel and has Roberson, Purifoy, and Riggs on the field for the first play on defense on Saturday.
  • Conspicuous by his absence on defense: De'Ante Saunders. Seriously, there are 12 listed first- or second-string positions on defense and Pop doesn't hold one? (Muschamp explained some of this in a presser later on Monday; Saunders "has a hamstring.")
  • Mike Gillislee not being listed at a returner position: Whew. I really like Patton as a returner, especially on kickoffs.
  • I listed Tyler Murphy at second-string holder partially as a joke. I guess I was right, though!
  • Numbers by class on the offensive/defensive two-deep, redshirts combined with trues: 11 seniors, 19 juniors, 14 sophomores, seven freshmen.
  • Projected starters by class, including three positions with multiple starters listed: Eight seniors, 10 juniors, seven sophomores, zero freshmen.

What else do you see? Are you concerned about any particular position? Do you think the ordering in the OR pairs is a clue?

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