Quick notes and first impressions from the Tennessee game

- Jeff Driskel comes with a certain amount of risk vs reward attached but not because of any gunslinger type mentality. Instead, he is still learning the process of good decision-making. The good news is that he continues to improve rapidly from week to week. The Jeff Driskel on the field today is a better one than from last week which was better than the one from week one. All versions of Jeff are so improved that they might as well be a different Jeff Driskel than we saw play last year.

Bottom line he avoided any sacks – though the O-line deserves some of the credit there of course – didn’t turn the ball over, and threw for over 200 yards and for two touchdowns. He also ran 8 times for 81 yards and did it without having to bull rush up the middle in true Baby Rhino style.

Will he be breaking records any time soon? Not likely. Will he win a lot of games for Florida? There is more to that than just the QB but yeah, I think he will. He runs an opportunistic offense happy to find yards and points anywhere it can. He might actually be the idea quarterback for what this offense currently requires.

- I have no doubt that we have the best field goal kicker in all college football. That does not change the fact that settling for field goals from inside the 10 ultimately loses games. That powerful leg should find use in the 40+ range, not from 20 yards out. The 49 yard FG in the 4th was a thing of beauty.

- Bitching about officiating is pointless. Oh dear god was that a poorly officiated game though. Less because of what was called then because of what wasn’t.

- Our secondary was challenged. They didn’t entirely rise to the occasion, with Bray throwing for 250 yards and 2 TD’s. They did what was needed though. The good news is that we are unlikely to encounter a passing game as challenging as Bray & Co again this year.

- What is a 3rd down conversion? I swear watching this game that no one on the team knew. Apparently, we got 3 of 13, which is pitiful. One was on a pass to Reed I think and one on a Patton sweep. Don’t remember the 3rd.

- Great job getting pressure on Bray. Don’t remember sacks but they made his life hell all day.

- Lerentee McCray is even better than I thought he was… and I was pretty high on him anyways. He had the first INT, forced the 2nd, and was around Bray every time I turned around. It’s taken him years to do it but he seems to have finally fulfilled his potential if he keeps playing this good.

- Gilly is a hell of a running back. He came in the game injured. He came in with every single person knowing he would be the focus of the running game. He still ran 18 times for 115 yards.

- The sweep by Patton remains a hell of a weapon. I remember three times we ran it; all three went for 10+ yards and a first down.

- One last thing to think about. In three games we have seen Pease make better use of Burton the wildcat QB then either Dive Capt or Cheeseburger Charlie. In tonight’s game alone he ran 3 times for 91 yards and 2 TD’s. He does need to pass some here and there to keep defenses honest but he seems to have hit a stride of his own.

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