Florida Vs. Tennessee, The Emotional: The Second Half Was Fun

Sep 15, 2012; Knoxville, TN, USA; Florida Gators fans celebrate their team scoring against the Tennessee Volunteers during the second half at Neyland Stadium. Florida defeated Tennessee 37-20. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

The usual posters on this site will do a better job of breaking down game strategy and that sort of thing better than I could, so here’s a more visceral recap of Florida's win over Tennessee.

OH NO OH HALP oh whew ok let’s go OH GOD WHY ZOOK IS BACK WE’RE PLAYING MICHIGAN VERNELL BROWN HALP PLS oh good he got it YAIS DEFENSE ok let’s go YAY TOUCHDOWN AWWW YEAH oh ok good play wait what OH NOES LOSING maybe we can get it back OH MISTER DRISKEL YOU DO GO ON lolwut stuffed at the goal line EXTRA POINT FOR THREE POINTS?!??!?!

That was the first half.

It was similar to the A&M game last week: At times, it was great; at times, it was awful. No matter what, despite all the errors (and the fact that some cruel person set offensive holding to "off"), we went into the half down only four and getting the ball to start Part Deux.

Counting the end of the first half and this possession, that’s two possessions a collective 10 yards or fewer from the end zone, six points total from them. It seems like a points Moneyball out there: we’re going to win by approximately 1.3 standard deviations — you know those thingies that look like tropical storm symbols?


Well, at this particular juncture in the game, I do most sincerely hope we can provide a satisfactory defensive performance. Oh good show, old chap! AWWWW THAT GILLY DONE DID IT AWWW TIM TEBOW WUERFFEL JACK YOUNGBLOOD HE RAN A LONG WAY HUZZAH ooh good catch Jordan Reed! Fine play, fine play.

OK, good times, let’s see how we play with a lead. Oh, perhaps one could see the quality of that reception he managed despite the use of only one hand OH WAIT HE DONE DROPPED IT YAWYAWFUTBAW YAAAAAY PUNT DA BALL.

Well well, we appear to now possess an advantage necessitating two possessions by the opposing squad! This is most advantageous!

At this point, Florida was just holding on and protecting that lead, all the while avoiding the Prevent Defense (as the cliché goes, it prevents you from winning). A win like this, one that involves falling behind, worrying at halftime, and making crucial second-half adjustments, is the kind that is satisfying ... even if it makes your heart yearn for those 50-point first halves that render the second half a quaint formality. No one will accuse this Florida team of racking up style points in a high-falutin’ fancy-prancy win, and no one will say it didn’t grind it out and man up.

Tennessee will drop out of the rankings after coming into the game ranked No. 23 in the AP Poll, but that doesn’t make this a less gratifying win.

This notably analytical and well-reasoned game account brought to you by Highly Scientific Replete with Numerous Graphs Demonstrating an Exhaustive Analysing of the Deeper Intricacies of the Game Please Note the British Spelling Just Like the Economist Uses Magazine Inc. Read swampchomp7's archive.

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