Muschamp Not Handcuffing Pease

Often I have seen fans bouncing the notion that perhaps Will Muschamp has handcuffed Brent Pease and that is the reason for such ineptitude. As a head coach you definitely have a say over what happens on both sides of the ball, but is Muschamp really handcuffing Pease? Or is Pease being just being Pease?

What do I mean by Pease just being Pease? Well let's take a look at Pease's last stop as an offensive coordinator for an extended period of time. That stop was Baylor and it ended in 2005 (after 3 years under Guy Morriss, who remained at Baylor for two more years). Take a look at this Baylor message board and this one from Florida (247Sports Pease 2005) regarding that message board.

Does this sound familiar?

our OL has gone from mediocre to bad to worse to absolutely useless...

Well, something's wrong when your Total Net Yards for the first half is 42 yards. 42 Yards. Has a wonderful ring to it. Excuse me while I throw up.

To me, it is Pease's fault. If the offensive line is getting dominated, if the quarterback is not able to get things moving, then you need to change the play calling to try and get some momentum.

We should be better on the OL. With Morriss and Lancaster we have two OL coaches (brought this in to show that o-line coaching wasn't the issue)

the numbers don't lie. BU's offense has REGRESSED or at best remained static throughout the course of the season.

Up the middle...........up the middle..........wobbly pass...........punt

Up the middle...........up the middle..........."pop pass"...3 yds............punt

Up the middle...........up the middle..........two yard completion........punt

Up the middle...........up the middle..........Parks gets hammered.......punt

Up the middle...........up the middle..........Parks throws it away.........punt

Up the middle...........up the middle..........Bell gets hammered...........punt

This offense reminds me of that damn vibrating electric football game when I was a kid. You lined up your players and then turned on the switch and watched them shake and vibrate and fall over until an opposing player touched the guy with the ball. I must admit that electric football was much more exciting than the Brent Pease offense.

Pease needs to go because his lack of knowing who the best players are on his offense. Whitaker is the best RB yet he does not get more carries nor does he use him the way he should.

Same problems as the ones we are having/been having. Bad O-line play that got worse the longer he was there, questionable to stupid play calling that became predictable, stale, and did not make use of play-makers, and then the notion that he knows more than you.

Just look at what Baylor did with Pease and without him (into Art Briles's first season)

Year Team Head Coach Plays/Gm Yards/Gm Yards/Play Record
2003 Baylor Morriss 68.5 281.4 4.1 3-9
2004 Baylor Morriss 69.2 311.8 4.5 3-8
2005 Baylor Morriss 70.6 317.9 4.5 5-6

Post Pease

Year Team Head Coach Plays/Gm Yards/Gm Yards/Play Record
2006 Baylor Morriss 62.1 315.2 5.1 4-8
2007 Baylor Morriss 71.6 351.3 4.9 3-9
2008 Baylor Briles 64.3 376.4 5.9 4-8

The offense really did not improve while Pease was there, in fact it actually improved after he left. So why did Muschamp hire Pease? Look at the time he spent at Kentucky and his 1 year (with Kellen Moore) at Boise State.

Year Team Head Coach Plays/Gm Yards/Gm Yards/Play Record
2001 Kentucky Morriss 66.5 382.8 5.8 2-9
2002 Kentucky Morriss 65.0 347.4 5.3 7-5
2011 Boise State Petersen 74.5 481.3 6.5 12-1

But look what Boise did before Brent was the OC in 2010.

Year Team Head Coach Plays/Gm Yards/Gm Yards/Play Record
2010 Boise State Petersen 70.0 521.3 7.4 12-1

So still a drop off in production. But take the Boise State results with a grain of salt as Chris Petersen has run the offense up there for awhile and they play very few AQ competition (big boy conference schools) so they can load up on stats and averages against the likes of New Mexico, San Jose State, Idaho, and Hawaii …

The O-line issues Baylor experienced and Hefty Lefty complained about at Kentucky point towards Pease dialing up protection schemes that are faulty and frail at best.

Does this lighten the criticism of Tim Davis? To me it does. The O-Line coach is supposed to teach proper technique not call pass protections and run block schemes, that's on Brent Pease. So if the schemes are exposing our linemen's weaknesses, a smart man would've changed those protection schemes to better hide those weaknesses.

Is Joker the answer though?

Joker Phillips tenure at Kentucky featured Andre Woodson in his first three seasons as the OC there. His numbers at Kentucky though are not that impressive with the exception of Woodson’s last two seasons (06 & 07) and 2010 (his first season as HC).

Year Team Head Coach Plays/Gm Yards/Gm Yards/Play Record
2005 Kentucky Brooks 63.2 297.5 4.7 3-8
2006 Kentucky Brooks 65.2 375.3 5.8 8-5
2007 Kentucky Brooks 77.9 443.4 5.7 8-5
2008 Kentucky Brooks 66.1 299.3 4.5 7-6
2009 Kentucky Brooks 67.5 331.5 4.9 7-6
2010 Kentucky Phillips 70.0 427.8 6.1 6-7
2011 Kentucky Phillips 63.7 259.8 4.1 5-7
2012 Kentucky Phillips 65.8 315.0 4.8 2-10

That’s 3 out of 8 seasons where the offense was any good. Not the kind of standards Muschamp should be looking for to keep his job.Maybe Joker is the mid term answer, but not the long term answer. I already have my two choices in after Baylor's offensive coordinator Philip Montgomery, but I think he is a long shot.

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