In All Kinds Of Weather is up!

Hey guys,

This post is simply to let y'all know that the new site I've been working on (or more accurately, the old site that Ryan Moyer has resurrected and I'm helping him design it),, is now up and running (you can also just type in and you'll be redirected to the site). He's got the basics of the site back- all my old posts, including my original interview with Adam Allen, Chandler Parsons and Vernon Macklin and my Marcus Roberson interview, and the categories- but some of the stuff didn't transfer over, like the comments on about two thirds of the posts, and the forum where anybody can post what they want. We'll work on that next.

There's still a lot to be done, but the site itself is back in business, and will be better than ever. I may be very young (I'm 19), and thus very opinionated, but I do know what I'm doing. With a heavy amount of help from the two Ryans, I promise to do everything in my power to make IAKOW the best Gator site it can possibly be, but I'm going to need your assistance as members to help me get there.

As I've explained before, the general idea of the site is to be a normal Gators blog, modeled somewhat like Alligator Army. This means that you guys will be able to write your own opinions in a forum (high on the list of things to be worked on), and the tone of most of my posts are going to be more fair and balanced, more how Andy writes. Of course, I'm still me, and my opinions differ from Andy's. I'm just saying that unless Muschamp does something outrageous, like punch a fan, I'm not going to be writing "FIRE WILL MUSCHAMP NOW" type articles. You guys know my thoughts about him; no point beating a dead horse (at least for the rest of this year). I even went on the radio, 98.7 CBS Tampa Bay to share my thoughts about him. The whole world knows now, so I don't think you'll be seeing more of the same barring something unforeseen.

IAKOW will feature breaking news, along with my quick two cents on the topic, game recaps and previews, etc, just like AA does. In addition, Ryan Moyer has agreed to stay on as admin, and we generally have similar opinions, and he'll do the same kind of stuff when he gets the chance to

Hopefully, there will be additional things we can do, such as breaking recruiting news and players leaving for the draft/staying, talking to future and former players, (I can tell you now that former Gator defensive back Guss Scott has agreed in principle to talk to me at some undetermined point in the future) etc, thanks to the other Ryan and his friendship with a large number of the players. Remember, though, there are zero guarantees for that; it's just our objective. Also, Ryan makes amazing pump up videos and I have old Gator games saved on my computer, so of course we're going to feature them on the site.

None of this is meant to try to sway you guys away from Alligator Army and read my stuff in lieu of what Andy and Fla write. They're both great writers, as I had read them both for awhile before joining the staff and will continue to do. I only hope that you'll come read me at IAKOW in addition to reading Andy and Fla here to get different flavors on similar topics.

The rules for IAKOW are easy to abide by and pretty straightforward. I'll just list them here.

-If you have breaking news to report, do it in the forum as a new post and POST A LINK. I cannot stress that enough. Don't just list your source; post a link to the source.

-All opinions are welcome, whether it be "Fire Will Muschamp" to "Extend his contract for 30 years." However, try your best to be respectful when responding to something you don't agree with. Saying, "I disagree and I think you're wrong, here's why" is OK; saying "you're an idiot and you have no business rooting for Florida" is not.

-When it comes to language, try to aim for a PG-13 rating. If you drop an F bomb every now and then, I'm not really going to care, but if you use four of them in one sentence I probably will because it looks bad on the overall quality of the site. And of no course, no racial or sexist slurs at any time.

-Use good grammar. I'm not going to be a grammar or spelling fascist, but try to refrain from using text message language. Again, I want the site to look like it's got members of high intelligence. I know from experience here it will assuming you guys follow me over, but I want it to look the part, too.

-Have fun. The general rule of thumb for posting and commenting is this: if you think Andy or Fla would ban you for posting it on AA, don't post it at IAKOW. I'm just being super clear about this by explaining it in detail. If nothing else, I want IAKOW to be lots of fun for everybody involved.

With that said, we're back in business, and I hope you'll all add IAKOW into your regular rotation of Gator sites. I don't want to say goodbye, because I hope to see you all over there, and of course I'll be stopping by here every now and then to comment and maybe even write an occasional FanPost. So sign up for an account (try to make it similar to your username here so I'll know who you are) and here's to a great future!

See you on the other side...

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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