Florida vs. Georgia: 25 predictions, reviewed

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't a great day for Florida on the field, but at least I kinda predicted that going in.

Our 25 predictions for Florida's game against Georgia in a hospital Jacksonville.

  1. Florida will score. At some point.
    Right. Whew.
  2. Florida will punt in the first quarter.
    Right. It helped that the first quarter took like an hour.
  3. Florida will allow three or more sacks.
    Right. Allowed four on the day.
  4. Tyler Murphy will throw for more than 150 yards.
    Right. Murphy threw for 179 yards, nearly half of them on one play.
  5. Kelvin Taylor will have at least one rush of more than 25 yards.
    Wrong. Taylor's long run of the day covered 10 yards.
  6. Taylor will average more than four yards per carry.
    Wrong. Taylor actually managed just 3.8 yards per carry.
  7. Another Florida player will have a rush of more than 20 yards.
    Right. Tyler Murphy's 25-yard scramble in the fourth quarter ensured that.
  8. Quinton Dunbar will finally make a touchdown catch.
    Wrong. I give up.
  9. Florida will complete a pass to a tight end.
    Right. Technically, Clay Burton's two-point conversion catch doesn't go down as a reception, thanks to how two-point conversions are scored, but this totally counts.
  10. Florida's leading receiver will not be Solomon Patton.
    Right. It was Dunbar, though Patton was second.
  11. Florida's defense will allow fewer than five yards per play.
    Wrong. How about 6.8?
  12. Dante Fowler, Jr. will record a sack.
    Wrong. Fowler recorded six tackles, but none for loss, and no sacks.
  13. Florida's defensive line will make a big play in the first half.
    Wrong. Nah.
  14. A defensive back will lead Florida in tackles.
    Right. It was Vernon Hargreaves III, of all players.
  15. Michael Taylor will make at least two big plays.
    Wrong. Being scoreboarded by Aaron Murray doesn't count.
  16. Florida will have at least one interception of Aaron Murray.
    Wrong. Murray actually played his best game against Florida.
  17. Murray will not break Danny Wuerffel's SEC record for career touchdown passes.
    Right. Just one on the day leaves Murray just shy of Danny Wonderful.
  18. Todd Gurley will average better than five yards per carry.
    Right. Oh, man, was I right about this. (He averaged 5.9.)
  19. Johnny Townsend will have a 50-yard punt.
    Wrong. Townsend boomed a 43-yarder at one point.
  20. Francisco Velez will miss his first field goal of the year.
    Right. Don't like that I was right on this, but I was.
  21. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
    Right. The 41-yard kick return by Patton counts.
  22. Florida will trail by double digits at some point.
    Right. Well.
  23. Florida will lead for less than 15 minutes of game time.
    Right. Welp.
  24. Georgia will win.
    Right. WELP.
  25. But I'll still be proud of how Florida played.
    Right. Whew. Again.

Last Game: 16 of 25 right, 64 percent. Season To Date: 102 of 200 right, 51 percent.

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