Likes and Dislikes for the first 1/4 of the Florida Gators' basketball season

I was working on a pretty long read on the men's basketball team, and my browser crashed and it's gone. 500+ words and 50 minutes forever lost to the ether, unless I can get it back from the NSA. So here is a gimmicky things I like and don't like about this basketball season so far:

LIKE- Casey Prather's new role as Chandler Parsons the slashing scorer.
Either the hand check rule was perfect for Prather or he wasted his first three years trying to be a 3 and D guy. He's so natural at getting to the hoop, and really really good at drawing contact.

LIKE- Dorian Finney-Smith's spin move
Somebody GIF it. He does it virtually every time he drives to the hoop, and it works.

DON'T LIKE- Kasey Hill trying things
Sometimes he tries to be a 3 point shooter. Sometimes he tries to go coast to coast for a 1-on-4 fast break. Sometimes he simply tries to make me mad, I think. Hill is good. He is probably going to be great. But he is a frustrating freshman PG at times.

LIKE- Dorian Finney-Smith's whole game, really
I have already touched on the spin move, but Finney-Smith is so much more than a GIF. He's a clutch 3 point shooter, a clutch rebounder, a hard fouler, a good slasher, a serviceable point-forward, and a tip drill hero. He's often many of these things at the same time, and he hasn't had a game where he brought nothing of value to the table for Florida. Being a sophomore, he has plenty of Gator basketball in his future, too. He's only going to get better.

DISLIKE- Everybody besides Prather and Frazier shooting FTs
Finney-Smith will probably end up being a positive here over the course of the season, but every other Gator is useless at the line. Wilbekin's shot had a weird hitch to it late against Memphis. I haven't paid attention to his other attempts to see if that was just a spasm or if he's altered his shot for the worst. Young's is a disaster. Yeguete is not good, but not disastrous. DeVon Walker isn't ready to do everything a player is supposed to do yet, despite his decent FT shooting, and can't be trusted with minutes. Basically, Florida has to hope/rely on Prather and Frazier taking every free throw in order to get anything resembling efficiency out of that shot.

LIKE- Florida in close games
Florida can and will win close games this year. The curse has been lifted.

LIKE- Where this team is headed
2013 the year of death is almost over. 2014 brings promises of Chris Walker, an SEC title, the SEC player of the year (Prather, calling it now), and a shot at a national title. Florida's in the rare position of being a senior team that hasn't really clicked yet, thanks to all of the suspensions and injuries that killed lineups over the first 8 games. I put 1/4 in the title for a reason. Florida played 37 games last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Florida should get at least 1 more game this season, and hopefully 2 more. Healthy, this team's floor is nightmare contender, playing close games and scaring everything. The ceiling is definitely a championship.

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