Chomping at Bits: SEC working on future schedules, Nick Saban isn't over "devil" comment

This is the best picture of Nashville I could find. - Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Chomping at Bits explores the fact that Nick Saban isn't over being called the devil and notices the SEC is currently looking at the future scheduling format for football.

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Nick Saban still bothered by "devil" comment: It's kind of interesting, though: Out of all the things that are said about him, this gets to him? Really? Why? This doesn't make sense. But it's funny. (Edward Aschoff, ESPN/SEC Blog)

Saban wants to increase league schedules, in minority: Thus far, the leading candidate for change has been Saban (and possibly Les Miles down at LSU) and nobody is really sure why he wants Tennessee off the schedule. (Mark Long, The Florida Times-Union)

SEC football schedules to stay in 6-1-1 format? There is some serious talk going around about changing how the future SEC football schedule format is going to be. When asked about it though, commissioner Mike Slive said that 2014 for sure and 2015 probably will be in the same format as years past. (Jason Lieser, Gator Bytes/The Palm Beach Post)

The SEC grind: By this point, everyone and their mothers know that the SEC is the toughest conference in all of college football. It has been for about a decade now. But remember, these things always go in cycles. (Chris Low, ESPN/SEC Blog)

SEC basketball tourney settling in Nashville?: I'd be okay with it, but something about Atlanta just screams "SEC" and "Championships." (Associated Press, ESPN)

Jarran Reed will have to wait: 2013 JUCO DT signee Jarran Reed just didn't get it done from the academic side of things and will have to sign another LOI in December to enroll into Florida. (Zach Abolverdi, The Gainesville Sun)

Men's golf struggles on Day 1 of NCAA Championships: They are tied for 25th, but friend of Alligator Army and current UNF golfer FSU@UNF is tied for ninth with the UNF men's team. (Special, Gainesville Sun)

Just a personal thought on the Heat-Pacers: Go Pacers!

The comments are yours.

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