A Crack at the Opening Day Depth Chart

QB - Driskel - Murphy - Mornhinweg - Wilkes - Staver(*)

RB - Jones - Kel.Taylor* - M.Brown - Lane(*) - T.Burton
FB - Joyer - Ajagbe - Ledbetter
TE - Co.Thompson - C.Burton - Ken.Taylor - Westbrook - Young(*)

WR(X)- Robinson* - Debose - Fulwood*
WR(Z)- Dunbar - Pittman - Hawkins* - Andrades
WR(F)- T.Burton - Pittman - Bailey(*) - Ch.Thompson(*)
WR(Special)- Purifoy - Patton

LT - Humphries - T.Brown - Johnson(*)
LG - Garcia - Silberman - Jackson(*)
C - Harrison - Koehne - Dillard(*)
RG - Halapio - Thurman - Koehne
RT - Green - Moore - Williams

DE - Bullard - Cox Jr. - McCallister - Sherrit* - Riles(*)
NT - Jacobs - Orr - Brantley*
DT - Easly - Cummings - Ivie* - Bostwick(*)
Buck - Fowler Jr. - Powell - Sherrit*

SLB - Powell - Ball - Kitchens - Rolin(*)
MLB - Morrison - Kitchens - Anzalone*
WLB - Taylor/McMillian* - McMillian*/Taylor - Kitchens - Davis(*)

CB - Purifoy - Hargreaves III* - J.Brown
FS - Watkins - Showers - Gorman - Neal(*)
SS - Maye - Harris* - Washington(*)
CB - Roberson - Riggs - Poole

K - Hardin - Phillips
P - Christy - Fennell

KR - Debose - Purifoy - Bailey(*)
PR - Roberson - Bailey(*) - Debose

Nickel Package -
CB's-Purifoy - Roberson - Watkins(N)
S's-Maye - Showers

Dime Package -
CB's-Purifoy - Roberson - Watkins(N) - Riggs(D)
S's-Maye - Showers

N=Nickel CB; D=Dime CB

All Players with a "*" by their name are Freshman and are subject to removal for Redshirt opportunities or pre-exsisting injuries (Anzalone, Sherrit & Rolin). If I have a "()" around the star, it's for the players I truly expect to redshirt.

The Special WR spot is for the players who have specific packages and plays designed for them; Purifoy and his "run a drag route and see what happens" and Patton's jet sweeps.

Our depth at every defensive back spot is incredible and it was extremely hard to determine when it came to the backups. I could see Harris and Maye battling it out throughout the year because Harris is an unreal hitter and has the size to play LB if need be.

Plus I fully expect VH3 to play, and play a ton, if he doesn't get the starting job, which I don't think he will. Not because he's not physically or mentally ready, I just think Purifoy and Roberson have those 2 spots locked down. So if you're worried that I don't have him in my N&D packages it's only because I don't see him playing on the inside, he's strictly an outside, leave him on the island kind of guy, so he'd come in as a sub for one of the starters which in this case Purifoy, because I see Purifoy being involved in every single aspect of the game(Offense, Defense, KR team, Punt team) so he needs a good amount of rest.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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