Why The Butthurt?

I just don’t understand why so many have such butt hurt over Meyer. Why can’t the man be allowed to make decisions for his family’s welfare and health and not be pegged as a “bailer” or quitter? Why are the present failings his fault? In literally every other program, things change immediately when a new coach arrives. Things are done the new coach’s way.

So many of you blame Meyer for the crappiness that now infests the Florida program. Think about something. Meyer took over an OSU team that went 6-7 the previous year and came out undefeated. And stop already with the spouting about weak schedules and all that. An undefeated season is hard to do…period. Meyer did it with the 6-7 team with little changes, except the fire he instills in players.

I believe THAT is what has made Florida Nation so angry at him. He left AND TOOK HIS FIRE WITH HIM. All that is remaining seems to be complainers because of what could have been, blaming Meyer for not staying.

Is Florida Nation so fricking weak minded and panzie assed to just lay around and point blame for the present suckiness? Yes, it sure seems so. Shame on you. Stand the freaking up on your little spindly legs and grow a backbone and stop slobbering over each other to be the next yoo hoo to blame Meyer. The sky is falling. It’s Meyer’s fault. The cupboard is bare…Meyer’s fault. Our potential is not being fulfilled…Meyer’s fault. My stupid dog has a little dick…Meyer’s fault.

Wake the hell up. It’s been two years since Meyer. Grow a spine and take a beating…until muschamp proves he can lead.

But please…stop the infantile, annoying, piss-antly, whiny little preteen attitude that it’s all Meyer’s fault!

You people are showing the country that we have our little asses in the air and anyone can just saddle up and giver er a go! That is what butthurt is. Ohio State in their present form would kick our whiny bruised asses if we were to meet them on the field. All the sour grape butthurt in the world won’t change that.

Suck it up and act like you have a little pride.

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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