Walking wounded: The Florida Gators' extensive fall injury report

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Florida has been chomped by the injury bug in 2012.

Dominique Easley's injury, feared to be a season-ending torn ACL, is just the latest entry on a long list of injuries suffered by Florida Gators players in 2013. After a relatively healthy 2012, the injury bug has bit Florida hard this fall, producing five season-ending injuries and a slew of other nicks and ailments likely affecting Florida's performance.

Let's run them down with the help of charts.

Season-Ending Injuries

Player Position Injury Date
Andre Debose WR Torn ACL August 6
Matt Rolin OLB Torn ACL August 8
Chaz Green RT Torn labrum ~August 26
Nick Washington CB Shoulder September 11
Jeff Driskel QB Broken fibula September 21

Of those players, Driskel and Green were returning starters on offense, Debose was Florida's projected starting kick returner and a likely contributor at wide receiver, and Rolin and Washington were true freshmen likely to contribute, if sparingly, not redshirt. (Washington saw time on special teams against Toledo; Rolin would likely have seen time somewhere on special teams, at a minimum, this season.)

Driskel also entered the Tennessee game injured, having suffered a knee injury early on against Miami, though that injury did not result in him missing any snaps.

If Easley's injury turns out to be season-ending, Florida will have lost four starters for the year since the beginning of fall practice, all before the Gators' fourth game of 2013.

But if that list is bad, consider the list of players who have missed or will miss at least part of a game due to non-season-ending injuries this year.

Injuries Resulting in Missed Snaps

Player Position Injury Time Missed
Matt Jones RB Viral infection Full Toledo game
Valdez Showers RB Ankle Full Tennessee game
Colin Thompson TE Foot stress fracture "Several weeks"
D.J. Humphries LT Sprained MCL Parts of Toledo, Miami games
Max Garcia LG (OL) Unknown Part of Miami game
Jonotthan Harrison C Unknown Part of Miami game
Jon Halapio RG Torn pectoral; eye poke Full Toledo and Miami games
Tyler Moore RT (OL) Ankle Part of Miami game; full Tennessee game
Leon Orr DT Shoulder Part of Tennessee game
Marcus Roberson CB Knee Full Tennessee game
Loucheiz Purifoy CB Thigh contusion Part of Tennessee game

Combine this list with the season-ending list, and you get a total of 16 Florida players who have suffered injuries (or, in Jones's case, an illness) forcing them to miss time, 11 of whom have started or were projected to start on offense and defense. Classify Debose as a starter, and Florida's been without 11 starters thanks to injury and illness this fall; if Easley misses time, he would make 12 offensive and defensive starters and 13 total starters.

There are probably more minor and undisclosed injuries, too: The Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser has Raphael Andrades, Marcell Harris, and Quinteze Williams on his injury report, though none of those three players havebeen listed on a depth chart this year; names like Dante Fowler, Jr. and Marcus Maye have shown up on injury reports, though they haven't missed time due to injury.

Additionally, given how thin Florida was at some of these positions, the injuries are even worse in context. Driskel's thrust a player who had one collegiate pass (on a two-point conversion) into action. Jones being sick left a little-used reserve just ahead of a walk-on and a converted defensive back on the depth chart at running back. Debose's has sapped a lot of the explosiveness from Florida's kick return team. Five starters (one, Moore, made a starter by others' injuries) missing time on the offensive line is rough, and has repeatedly forced reserves into starters' roles. Purifoy and Roberson being out at the same time as Brian Poole, ejected for a targeting foul, meant that Florida was playing a true freshman and corners that have been converted to safeties at corner in the second half against Tennessee.

And Easley's injury is obviously to Florida's best and most important defender, though we don't know for certain if he'll miss time.

Florida has largely survived these injuries so far, and is at least fortunate for them to have multiplied after seeing Miami and before getting to the meat of its SEC schedules. But those injuries have left the Gators looking chomped rather than champing at the bit, and players dealing with them won't get a bye week to heal until October, just before facing Georgia.


Andy Hutchins is Alligator Army's managing editor. Follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook.

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