Florida vs. Tennessee: 25 predictions, reviewed

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

...so I forgot to do this earlier this week.

Florida's looking for its ninth straight win over Tennessee today. I'm looking to break 50 percent on predictions for the year.

  1. Both teams will score touchdowns.
    Right. Tennessee waited until the fourth quarter to score its offensive touchdown.
  2. Florida will lead by double digits at some point in the game.
    Right. Florida took a 17-7 lead and led by double digits until the end of the game after taking a 24-10 lead.
  3. Florida will hold a halftime lead.
    Right. Florida led 17-7 at halftime.
  4. Jeff Driskel will throw for more than 200 yards and at least two touchdowns.
    Wrong. Well.
  5. Florida will have a run of more than 20 yards on the day.
    Right. Tyler Murphy scampered for 28 yards on one scramble.
  6. Florida running backs will top 150 total yards. (Valdez Showers counts.)
    Wrong. Florida running backs combined for exactly 150 total yards rushing and receiving.
  7. Florida running backs not named Matt Jones will combine for more than 12 carries.
    Right. Mack Brown had 24 by himself.
  8. Ahmad Fulwood will have a catch for a first down.
    Wrong. Driskel's first batted pass might have gone for one, though.
  9. Florida will score at least 30 points.
    Right. 31.
  10. Trey Burton will make a big play on offense.
    Right. That catch over the middle certainly counts.
  11. Florida will get at least eight yards off a reverse and/or end-around.
    Wrong. Neither Jones nor Solomon Patton could get that going.
  12. Dante Fowler will have at least one sack.
    Right. Just the one.
  13. Dominique Easley will have at least one sack.
    Wrong. Nope, and sigh.
  14. Antonio Morrison will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Morrison led Florida in solo tackles, but Jaylen Watkins led in total tackles.
  15. Vernon Hargreaves III will start.
    Right. VH3 started at nickel.
  16. Loucheiz Purifoy will make an interception.
    Wrong. He tried to sky for one that would have been a phenomenal pick, though.
  17. At least two Tennessee quarterbacks will attempt passes.
    Right. Happy about this one.
  18. Florida's defense will allow fewer than 4.5 yards per play.
    Right. 3.9.
  19. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
    Right. Try six.
  20. Kyle Christy will boom a punt of 55-plus yards.
    Wrong. I should stop predicting good things for him, maybe.
  21. Austin Hardin will make multiple field goals.
    Wrong. He had a chance to do it.
  22. Florida will make a big play on special teams on a return.
    Right. Patton's 38-yard return totally counts.
  23. Florida will win all four quarters.
    Wrong. Florida lost the first quarter and tied the fourth.
  24. Florida will win.
    Right. It was a gimme.
  25. The final score will be 33-13.
    Wrong. But damn close.

Last Week: 14-of-25, 56 percent.
Season To Date: 37-of-75, 49.3 percent.


Andy Hutchins is Alligator Army's managing editor. Follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook.

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