Chomping at Bits: Florida, Antonio Morrison ready on eve of The Miami Game

Joel Auerbach

Florida's confident and comfortable heading into its clash with Miami, and having Antonio Morrison back is a big part of it.

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Antonio Morrison bringing more than physicality in return: One thing this doesn't mention: Morrison was probably the LB corps' best communicator in the open practices we saw. (Chris Harry, Harry Fodder | GatorZone)

Florida-Miami unlikely to ever be renewed: Pat Dooley says no one at UF wants to play the 'Canes, and ends his column with a mic drop; Mike Bianchi reports that a UF source he somehow didn't piss off with the lamentable Mr. Empty Seat column last week says it won't happen. (Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun | Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel)

Can Stephen Morris be trusted? Miami's big-play QB misfires a lot. (Matt Hinton, Football Study Hall)

Previewing Florida-Miami, part 1: I contributed to this. (Martin Rickman, Campus Union |

Previewing Florida-Miami, part 2: "The Canes have a great shot at being relevant again." (Juan Toribio, State of The U)

Will Duke Johnson get loose? Or will he struggle like he has against really good teams to this point? (Barrett Sallee, Bleacher Report)

TUG's scouting report: It, uh, goes off the rails a little. (The Unsportsmanlike Gentleman)

Tickets are hard to come by: Go figure. (Craig Davis, South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

On Luther Campbell calling UF racist: 1) Of course it was; so was and so is virtually every American institution, especially in the South. 2) Not including Miami's own slow integration is funny. 3) Virgil Hawkins's name is now on Florida's law library. 4) Aside from Miami's much larger Hispanic/Latino population, the demographics of both universities are fairly similar now. (Luther Campbell, Miami New Times | Justin Wells, Blogger of Intent)

Strong finish could get Florida a top-five recruiting class; dozens of recruits to be at Sun Life: Not a lot you don't already know here, though more than a hundred recruits is a lot to bring to a game you're probably gonna lose. (Nam Le, SB Nation | Manny Navarro and Safid Deen, Eye on The U | Miami Herald)

Herald political writer trolls Florida: Probably the best troll job I've seen this week, and he even notes two big-time Miami fans who, like most Miami fans, didn't go to Miami. (Marc Caputo, Miami Herald)

Finally, this: Eric Crouch told a lineman to spit in his mouth so he could call a play. This guy beat Rex Grossman for a Heisman. (Tom Ley, Deadspin)

How badly, on a scale of 1 to 10, do you want to beat Miami? And how worried are you? The comments are yours.


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