Max Wittek to Florida?

Just read here that Max Wittek is transferring from SC and is looking for a new program to finish his 2 remaining years of eligibility.

I'd love Florida to get him.

This is a rare 'free-agent' opportunity in college football involving a once heralded Blue Chip QB prospect -- and it would be foolish for Muschamp and Roper not to make a run at him. I feel Wittek would greatly improve our offensive weapons, which is desperately needed.

I think the pros outweigh the cons in this scenario. Obviously Wittek is transferring from SC because he wants to start, so Driskel's presence atop the roster list might dissuade him from seriously considering UF, but if I was Muschamp or Roper I would tell Wittek the truth: Driskel's reign atop the QB chart is not set in stone (nor should it be) and could be up for grabs.

As for the repercussions of this negatively affecting Driskel, I say 'meh.' It's nothing against Driskel but he's a 20 year old man entering his 4th year of college (he will be 21 during next season) and it's time to take off the baby gloves. He's a grown-up at an elite football program. He has to earn his position and if someone like Wittek (or Grier) can step in and challenge him for it, then so be it.

As for Grier, I don't think Wittek's addition would have a momental impact. Sure Grier might get bumped down the roster one spot. But either way he was anticipating waiting 2 years to start until Driskel left. Wittek's presence does not change that.

SC sports blog Reign of Troy lists UF as one of 5 possible choices for Wittek (including Fresno St, San Jose St, Texas, and Louisville). Of course this list is just one writer's opinion with no sources, but something to think about. Especially since UF was on Wittek's short list back in recruiting, but of course that was an Urban Meyer led program.

Only Max knows what's best for Max, but in the high-stakes, zero-sum game of College Football Recruiting, I really hope Muschamp & Co. swing for the fences and try to land Wittek.

My worst fear is him going to another SEC team that could also use a QB (e.g. Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M).

Signing Day is 6 days away, and even though Andy has rightly noted that UF's class is great for a 4-8 team. It would take a fool to ignore the fact that a seismic shift has occurred in the power structure of college football in the sunshine state. That coupled with the fact of our in-state arch-rival just won the championship and absconded with some of our highly touted recruits, we could use a little good news.

I don't want to overhype Wittek as a savior, I mean he was a backup in SC for a reason, and he'll have to learn a new system (but in fairness so do Driskel and Grier this year with Roper). But what's best for the Florida Program, a 2014 year with a QB depth chart of (Wittek/Driskel/Grier) or the 2013 QB depth chart of (Driskel/Murphy/Morninghweg)?

I say go for it Muschamp! Wittek could reignite a dormant offense, revitalize a proud program at their nadir, and hell, it will give you much needed brownie points amongst Alum (like myself), and that could greatly help your chances of saving your job in the next year or two.

Let's throw caution to the wind, damn the torpedoes, come on Muschamp, try to make Max Wittek a Gator!

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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