Florida Gators 2014 spring game, Open Thread: The Orange & Blue Debut is here

Al Messerschmidt

Surely, this will be the day that puts every Florida fan's deep-seated grievances with the program as currently consistuted to rest.

There's very little good that comes out of spring games.

In 2006, Tim Tebow was slightly more impressive than Chris Leak ... which only touched off the quarterback "controversy" — one in which fans fanned almost all of the flames — that helped result in Leak getting booed at home that season. In 2009, John Brantley looked good enough that I sincerely thought he was faster than Tebow; by 2011, he was having an awful spring game that led into an alternately decent and miserable senior season. In 2012, Ronald Powell tore his ACL, sustaining an injury that changed the trajectory of his Florida career forever. In 2013, Florida didn't even have a spring game, due to injuries.

These things are very rarely good.

So, even though I'm optimistic about the 2014 Orange & Blue Debut, taking place in The Swamp at 1:30 p.m. (available live to GatorVision subscribers and via pay-per-view to people who will fork over $3.99, and then re-aired at 5 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. Sunday, and many times over the next two weeks on Sun Sports), I'm not so optimistic as to think that this spring game is going to be great and/or restore a lot of faith in Florida.

We're going to see a more open and faster offense on this day, but if it looks great, the Florida defense is going to look bad; if it doesn't, the same old worries about Jeff Driskel and the offense's ability to score points will be all over. If Will Grier plays like Tebow did in 2006, we could have another manufactured and fictional "controversy" on our hands. If someone gets hurt, it will bring back bad memories of Powell, and of a 2013 season sideswiped by injury after injury.

If you're cheering for anything today, it should be big plays here and there and boring play for most of the day.

The most important and best thing about a spring game is that fans are able to see the team and players they love on the field, and Florida's able to do that this year, which is nice. But I'm not going to take too much from this spring game, positively or negatively, and I suggest you do the same.

I'll be there and tweeting and I'll be back and writing shortly afterward. Please feel free to use this as a place to compile the tweets you find interesting, or chat about the game if you're watching online.

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