Chomping at Bits: The super-sized Final Four edition

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

So many links, so little time.

Chomping at Bits comes stocked with the best Florida Gators links and news we can find. Got a link we should check out? Email us at, subject line CAB, or find us on Twitter at @AlligatorArmy or on Facebook at

Florida tops two power rankings: You probably knew that the Gators would be No. 1 in mine. But they're No. 1 in Luke Winn's, too, and he cites their defense (with an awesome graphic) as the reason why. (Andy Hutchins, SB Nation / Luke Winn, One And One |

KenPom history favors Florida: The best team usually wins. Top-five teams usually win. Florida is both. (Matt Norlander, CBS Sports)

Ray Allen likes Michael Frazier II's work ethic: Which is awesome. (Edgar Thompson, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

Predictions from the pundits: Good hustle to get all of these thoughts. (Richard Johnson, Gator Country)

Patric Young, pick-and-roll monster... ...on defense. I also laughed at how Donovan described Pat's movement. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Someone's busting a narrative: Here's hoping it's Florida. (Gary Parrish, CBS Sports)

Donovan's changed his own narrative: Dunno if I think this is entirely right, but it's worth noting. (Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports)

Florida's been in bad Final Fours before: Not that we mind. (Matt Zemek, Run the Floor)

"Deserve's got nothing to do with it": A great eulogy for Louisville. (Mike Rutherford, Card Chronicle)

Why the Final Four is on TBS: M-o-n-e-y. You can watch a Gators-centric broadcast on TNT, though. (Cindy Boren, The Early Lead | The Washington Post)

Where to go and what to do in Dallas: Good thoughts from Ian Rapoport at the link, a quick guide from the DFW Gator Club in the tweet. (Jeans & Ties)

GIF Session for the Final Four: Great work by one of our Mizzou bros. (Armchair Analyst, Rock M Nation)

Proposed changes for college hoops: I agree with all four. (John Gasaway)

On Florida's revamped (football) offense: Right, football. (Andy Staples, | Jeremy Fowler, CBS Sports)

The extraordinary Joakim Noah: Sui generis works pretty well for Jo. (Ken Berger, CBS Sports)

New developments in Jameis Winston's saga: Basically, Florida State seemed to have reacted to an alleged rape somewhat unconventionally, as we knew last fall — and now its investigation into that night is being, er, investigated. (Rachel Axon, USA TODAY Sports | Adam Weinstein, Deadspin | Colin McGowan, The Rotation | Sports on Earth

Programming note: I'm going to be in a car and en route to Dallas for just about the next 16 hours, so I won't have anything more posted here until about 10 a.m. Saturday morning. But I will have a couple of longer pieces that you can look forward to, and I will also be fielding questions — of all kinds! — on Twitter for an hour or two this afternoon, in case you're worried or curious about something or anything. Please do feel free to ask me anything.

The comments are yours.

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