"Official" Alligator Army Tailgate Beer


via @CAeveryday (threw it together quick for fun)

Hey fellow Gators! You may have just seen FlaGators post about the 1st Annual Alligator Army Tailgate. If not, check it out right now and vote on a game! To commemorate the event, I have volunteered to make a special beer just for us to enjoy! Aside from the Gators and other sports, brewing has become a fun hobby of mine. Some beers I have made include: Irish Red, Honey Grapefruit, Summer Saison, Honey Amber, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Maple Porter, Hefeweizen, Double IPA, Imperial Stout, Farmhouse Saison, etc.

I thought it would be fun to give out maybe 5 different base-recipes for everyone to vote on, and then in the comments we can decide on any other additives like fruit, seasons, zests, etc. While there are a countless number of recipes to choose from, I'm sort of narrowing it down based on some beers that are good in the Florida heat, a little lighter so you can enjoy a lot of them throughout the day, and that will allow for a larger number of taste buds to enjoy. Here are some of what I was thinking:

Wheat Pale Ale: Brightly citrusy grapefruit rides along with crisp, fluffy wheat and a little bit of fruity yeast character. This is a beer that bursts with the breezes of summer and all the delights that come with it, but you can brew it any time you want.

Hefeweizen: Light, blonde and a bit cloudy with a creamy head. Slightly sweet, fruity and non-bitter, with medium body; often served with a slice of lemon.

Island Hopper IPA: Pacific Jade single hop IPA is the perfect showcase for this New Zealand hop. With aromas and bold flavors of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper and a soft bittering character. With a high octane malt base, this is a VERY hoppy/bitter flavored beer.

Grand Cru Beer: A royal balance of flavors combined with high alcohol content makes this Grand Cru a tasty Belgian white beer to enjoy any time of year. Likened to a popular, orange-adorned beer served in pubs across the country. The combination of spicy German hops, coriander, and orange peel create a unique Belgian white beer. This is my personal vote ;)

Farmhouse Saison: Refreshingly light and crisp, this light beer is the one you'll grab after a day in the sun – lounging or tailgating! Farmhouse-saison style offers zesty orange peel and coriander with a peppery finish from the Grains of Paradise.

Think it through and vote below! If there is an overwhelming desire for another type of beer, I am happy to change things up. Also, any of these base recipes can be tweaked for us to make it a little more interesting and tasty. Vote away and Go Gators!

Please be kind and use good grammar.

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