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A quick editor's note: In all kinds of employment

Is announcing changes that you're barely going to notice really announcing changes?

Welcome To Our Future: A Peek At SB Nation United (And Alligator Army 3.0)

SB Nation United's launch is going to revolutionize sports blogging. The snazzy new logos won't hurt.

Alligator Army 2.0: A New Orange And Blue Dawn For Championship Mode

Alligator Army 2.0: Where orange and blue are the colors of the sky, too.

The new Alligator Army starts Monday

Starting Monday, SBNation's Andy Hutchins will take over Alligator Army.

Help Wanted - Inquire Within

I turn to you to keep Alligator Army going.

Alligator Army Confidence Poll / Anxiety Index

At the top of the left side of the page is a "confidence poll" about the Gators. SBNation has used it on other blogs previously and has now introduced it network wide. You can vote as much as you like and it is anonymous. Voting is weekly.

Your Chance To Improve SB Nation

This is where you as a reader can impact what SB Nation does going forward.

Alligator Army In Washington

Posting here will be a little light because we're at an event in Washington today. It's kind of a big deal. If you end up watching it on TV try to find the guy doing the Gator Chomp to the left of...

Happy Birthday from Albert

I've spent my 24th birthday working and checking facebook every hour to see who else has posted on my wall. But this is easily the best email I've gotten. I love alligators. But I hate getting...

New Season, New Roster

First of all, let me apologize for my absence. Not only have I been busy slinging rock with John Reaves, my knee is really sore and I'm going to have it looked at tomorrow. Anyway, as we approach...


We're Gonna Be Soooooo Good Lookin'

Playboy model and Gator Lauren Anderson is very attractive. Speaking of attractive, Alligator Army will have a sexy new look tomorrow complete with added features like rosters, schedules, stats,...

Using Our Sports Radio Voice

It's been a while, but the sports radio voice is going to make an appearance tonight on Sports Tap. I'm excited because people will be able to hear my New York accent when I say 'ball', 'Florida',...

Welcome To November

October was a pretty rough month. What is normally a make-or-break time for the Gators football team was a break time this season. The Gators have now lost three of four games, all three losses to...

Allow Us To Properly Introduce Ourselves

After casually talking about creating a sports blog for years, me and fellow Florida alum, Hanson, finally put the pen to the paper in April 2007 when we created the obnoxiously unedited site The...

Welcome To Alligator Army

Welcome to Alligator Army. If you're here because you know this site as Swamp Ball, welcome too.We want to create not only an informative Florida Gators blog, but an entertaining one too....

Really ... I Got Nothing

Softball had their season ended by Texas A&M in the Super Regionals ... Baseball is finished after the Gators fell to South Carolina twice in the SEC tournament ... Billy Donovan says he's "focused...

Remember to Check Out the SB Nation Sports Report

Tonight's podcast will feature editor Will Leitch as a guest, talking about the puss-filled wound to sports that is ESPN, Brady Quinn wedding photos, and the growing number of...

Let's Talk Broncos...

So the Broncos picked up three former Gator defensive linemen over the course of the weekend: Jarvis Moss, Marcus Thomas and Steven Harris (UDFA).Tonight I'll attempt to discuss these acquisitions...

Back to Your Regular Scheduled Posting

I know it would be silly to actually apologize to anyone who has stumbled upon Swamp Ball in the last few days and has noticed that the site has not been updated since Monday of this week; I just...

An Unspeakable Tragedy

I know this is a sports blog dedicated to our Florida Gators.  But we all are well aware of the terrible tragedy that has occured today in Blacksburg at the campus of Virginia Tech, and it's...

SB Nation Blog Talk Radio: TONIGHT, 8 PM ET

Please head to this link to listen in to the debut of "The SB Nation Sports Report" brought to you by Blog Talk Radio.  There should be a great selection of topics tonight covering all sorts of...


Today I signed up to use ProTrade, an online sports site devoted to compiling a ranking system for college basketball based on stock prices for each team.Basically each team has a site in which...

Light Posting is Never Fun

...but sometimes there is just no way around it.Expect a Kentucky re-cap and an Alabama preview by Wednesday morning.  The past couple of days have been hectic with me attending the Gators...

Nice Win Tonight

The Gators b-ball team hit the road and won against the Bulldogs fairly easily tonight, to go along with a great NSD for the football program.  Things are looking good.I'll have my thoughts from...

SB Nation Welcomes New Ohio State Blogger

Around the Oval, the SB Nation's Ohio State Blog, is currently welcoming in a new blogger covering Buckeyes Athletics.Sean, formerly of The 614, will be taking over for the former blogger at ATO....


I apologize for light posting today.  I just simply had no time to do anything on the site with work and other commitments this evening.  I will be back tomorrow with some updates around college...

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