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University of Florida President Bernie Machen: 'No Action' On SEC Expansion, Addition of Texas A&M


After a meeting of SEC presidents and chancellors, the conference has decided to take no action on expansion, leaving Texas A&M hanging with the Big 12. For now, anyway.

Could Texas A&M To The SEC Be The First Domino Of The 16-Team Superconference Era?


Is Texas A&M's rumored leap to the SEC the beginning of the superconference era? What teams should the SEC pick up, if so?

The Gator Vault: Justin Hamilton


The bar exam is over and I'm back among the living. Yay, capitalism!  Now, on to one of the more dependable players in recent UF hardwood history. via Hailing from Booker High...

Kidz 1st Fund and Gator Giving

Ed.: Bumped for karma's sake on #EffFSUFriday. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher's son, Ethan, was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anemia. Fisher and his wife, Candi, announced the newly created Kidz 1st Fund last week; it will support the research into a cure for this life-threatening condition. You can follow the link to a Tomahawk Nation FanShot that will provide you links for Kidz 1st and more information on Fanconi Anemia. Please stop by there, check out the links and give what you can to support this great cause and let Ethan and others suffering from FA know that the Alligator Army family is behind them!

Texas A&M To Join The SEC?


If reports of Texas A&M accepting an invitation to the SEC are true — and it is Rivals reporting them this time — welcome aboard, Aggies, to the conference of fun, sun and national championships. If not true, as Sporting News' Matt Hayes suggests, hold your horses. Also, per the rules of the internet, please go ahead and add SB Nation's Texas A&M blog I Am The 12th Man to your bookmark/favorite sections.

Know Your Foe: The Florida-Vanderbilt Game


Know Your Foe: The Florida-Vanderbilt Game

50 For 50, No. 26: Marcus Roberson Could Be The Next Great Freshman Cornerback For Florida


Marcus Roberson is impressing coaches and players in Florida's fall practice. Could he be the next great freshman corner for the Gators?

Frankie Hammond Jr., I Presume? Gators' Breakout Wideout Could Be Familiar Name


Is Frankie Hammond Jr. ready to take that next step? Predicts Gators-Penn State To Play In Gator Bowl


Rivals has released their early 2011 college football bowl predictions. They have the Gators playing Penn State in the Gator Bowl on January 2nd. In case you are wondering, that would mean the Gators finish roughly 6th in the SEC. Other bowl match-ups of note: Miami vs Notre Dame in Champ Sports South Carolina vs Ohio State in Capital One (Citrus) Georgia vs Michigan State in Outback Tennessee vs Louisville in BBVA Compass Florida State vs West Virginia in Orange Alabama vs Oklahoma in the National Championship Game.

Previewing Every College Football Game The SEC Will Play In 2011


Every SEC game of the 2011 college football season, previewed as only Spencer Hall can in the form and fashion of the late FreeDarko. Sample: "Tennessee at Florida. Tennessee vs. Florida was a rivalry as contested in the 1990s as the debate between Oasis or Blur. Right now in 2011, both debates seem pretty embarrassing in retrospect, and will continue to be so until future notice. ALSO: I just realized for the first time that having Charlie Weis as my team's offensive coordinator means Bill Simmons could conceivably attempt to comment on Florida football. I now hate this hire twice."

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