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How to react to Jameis Winston stealing crab legs


An important primer on a sensitive issue.

Strong, then: 2013's end, and its lessons


How awful is it for Florida fans that FSU is on top again? How hard is it to not make fun of how Jameis Winston talks? How much does Gus Malzahn hate fake punts at this point? And how can Florida...

BCS Championship Game open thread: ...War Eagle?


Florida State and Auburn square off in the final game of the 2013 season. Let's caterwaul about it all being over here.

How do we react to Winston not being charged?


The slow and agonizing process of deciding whether to charge Jameis Winston with sexual battery is almost over, and Winston appears unlikely to face charges. Now what?

Florida vs. FSU: Observations from the day after


Florida's failed 2013 came to its merciful end against FSU. And Gators should be grateful it wasn't worse. But it won't always be like this.

Week 13 TV schedule and open thread


There are lots of games not featuring a 4-6 Florida team and an FCS school today, and you can watch some of them without paying for the privilege!

How should we react to Jameis Winston?


Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's alleged rape gives opposing fans opportunities to speculate and joke. And those fans should take none of those opportunities.

Week 12 college football TV schedule, open thread


You should watch something that isn't Florida-South Carolina today. Here's how you can find those games.

Week 9 open thread, TV schedule


Florida's off, but plenty of other teams are on. And the biggest games are on the Left Coast.

SEC Power Poll ballot: 'Bama No. 1, Mizzou No. 2


The top team in the SEC is Alabama. The second-best team, according to us, is an unexpected group of Tigers.

Jon Wilner's Week 8 AP Poll ballot is bad


Jon Wilner is bad at ranking college football teams.

Week 7 TV schedule and open thread


Florida-LSU is the main event for us, but today's got a few big games in college football.

SEC Power Poll ballot: 'Bama No. 1, Florida No. 4


Alabama's looking like the best team in the SEC, but the pack behind the Tide makes knowing what team is second-best a lot harder.

Week 6 TV schedule and open thread


The SEC showdowns from last week are nowhere to be found in Week 6, but there are more than a few schadenfreude opportunities available for Florida fans.

SEC Power Poll ballot: 'Bama No. 1, Gators No. 4


Why is Alabama the best team in the SEC right now? Because Alabama doesn't lose.

Week 4 TV schedule and Saturday open thread


There's not a lot of good college football to watch this Saturday. But there's a lot to watch anyway.

SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 3: Surprise No. 1


Alabama's coming off what seemed like the biggest win in the SEC this year to most. But that doesn't necessarily make the Tide No. 1.

Nine things to watch during Florida's bye week


The Gators are off this week. But you'll still be watching college football. Here's what you should be watching for.

Gee says SEC undermined Meyer, crows about revenue


Ohio State president Gordon Gee's December remarks included a shot at the SEC. But they also contained a bit of context about Urban Meyer's time at Florida.

Previewing the SEC East: No. 7 Kentucky


Kentucky's been the worst team in the SEC for quite some time. That should continue in 2013.

Does recruiting foretell a Georgia decline?


The loss of Georgia's long time recruiting director, Rodney Garner, is already proving to be a major issue for Mark Richt and Georgia. And nobody benefits from this more than Florida.

Urban Meyer fears the SEC


Urban Meyer telling his Big Ten cohorts to recruit better has less to do with the Big Ten and more to do with the SEC.

Week 2 Open Thread: The Prelude


Week 2 is a light week in the 2012 college football season, and Florida fans are really just waiting until the Gators take the field.

The Cowards' Coma: Penn State's Penalties, Joe Paterno's Vacated Wins, And NCAA Sound And Fury


Why would the NCAA strip Joe Paterno's wins? To tell a lie, loudly.

On Florida State's Tyler Hunter, A Plea For Context


Tyler Hunter's tweets may have gotten him in trouble with Florida State. But should they have?

The 13 Worst (And Three Best) Things About Texas A&M's SEC Welcome Video


There are a lot of bad things about Texas A&M's SEC welcome video. We counted 13.

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