National College Football

A Defense of College Football's Bowl System: Do You Want A Minor-League NFL?

College football's bowl system isn't perfect, or particularly fair. But the alternative is the sterile parity of the NFL.

Week 15 BlogPoll: Oklahoma State No. 2, Alabama No. 3

LSU and Alabama are 1-2 in the BCS and will play for a national title. If the BlogPoll were a part of the BCS formula, that might not be the case.

Week 13 BlogPoll: Florida Still Getting Disrespected By Slovenly Bloggers

Results for Week 13 # School Points/blog SD Delta 1 LSU Tigers (72) 25.00 0.00 -- 2 Alabama Crimson Tide 23.79 0.60 1 3 Arkansas Razorbacks 22.40 1.33 3 4 Stanford Cardinal 20.46 1.95 4 5 O...

Alligator Army Week 13 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

LSU and Alabama top Alligator Army's BlogPoll ballot for Week 13. But it isn't Arkansas at No. 3.

Alligator Army Week 5 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

Alligator Army Ballot - Week 5 Rank Team Delta 1 LSU Tigers 1 2 Oklahoma Sooners -1 3 Alabama Crimson Tide 1 4 Boise St. Broncos -1 5 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 4 6 Stanford Cardinal -- 7 W...

Alligator Army Week 3 BlogPoll Ballot

Alligator Army Ballot - Week 3 Rank Team Delta 1 Boise St. Broncos -- 2 LSU Tigers -- 3 A...

Alligator Army Week 2 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

BlogPollin', in Week 2 of the 2011 college football season, means rewarding Boise State for an impressive Week 1.

Miami, Recruiting, And What Nevin Shapiro And An NCAA Investigation Might Mean

How does Miami's situation impact the recruiting world and the class of 2012? The 'Canes are hoping to hold together a strong crop, but there may be chaos on the horizon.

The Miami NCAA Investigation, Nevin Shapiro, and How They Affect the Florida Gators

Miami's NCAA investigation will affect more than just the Hurricanes. The Florida Gators should be paying close attention, and the SEC should be watching the ACC closely.

University of Florida President Bernie Machen: 'No Action' On SEC Expansion, Addition of Texas A&M

After a meeting of SEC presidents and chancellors, the conference has decided to take no action on expansion, leaving Texas A&M hanging with the Big 12. For now, anyway.

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