Muschamp's Coach of the Year credentials


It's easy to like Will Muschamp as a football coach, despite mistakes he's made. But it's even easier to like Will Muschamp as a person.

NCAA 14, and Florida's future


There's never been a better time to play as the Florida Gators in a video game.

Keeping it real in NCAA Football 14


For once, playing as the Gators in NCAA Football 14 may not mean throwing it 40 times a game.

What if Cam Newton had stayed?


What if Cam Newton had stayed at Florida? Would his Heisman Trophy win have happened? Could the Gators have won another national championship?

Where I Come From: EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 Available Now


EA Sports' NCAA Football 11 is now available in your favorite electronics store. There are a few new improvements to the game, including an online dynasty and upgraded visuals (playing the demo on...

Where I Come From: Expectations For The Season


I am on the record for saying that Florida 2010 will not be a fun season. Between John Brantley becoming The Man and working Andre Debose, Ronald Powell and Dominique Easley into the systems, there...

Where I Come From: Most Memorable Florida Gators Moments/Classic Moments In Championship Mode


Here are our most memorable Florida Gators moments. We prefer to call them Classic Moments In Championship Mode.

Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Florida Gators


We continue our series celebrating the start of college football season with EA Sports' NCAA Football 2011. Today, we want to hear about your favorite Gators.

Where I Come From: Tailgating Traditions; This Is Championship Mode


You should take Florida Gators games seriously. Especially big games. On Alligator Army, we call those Championship Mode games.

Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Florida Team


Your all-time favorite team should mean something beyond wins and losses. More often than not, your favorite team will be successful, but there is honor in falling short after giving everything you...

Where I Come From: How I Became A Florida Gators Fan


My family was one of the millions who came to Florida from "The North" in the 1980s and 1990s. My father's company was opening a new office in Tampa and my Dad couldn't pass up the weather, the...

College Football Season Begins With EA Sports


To celebrate the return of college football and the release of EA Sports' NCAA Football 2011 on Tuesday, July 13, EA Sports is sponsoring a week of posts on Alligator Army and dozens of SBNation...

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