Florida's 2014 Student Ticket Lottery video is good

More of this, please. Personality matters, and Mike Taylor and Leon Orr have oodles of it.

Report: Andre Debose defenestrated someone

If true, this is not really the way to start a sixth year in Gainesville. Update: It's not true.

Gator Football Recruiting

Two recruits visiting and doing the Gator Chomp.

Cody Riggs will transfer to Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly announced today that Cody Riggs will attend graduate school at the University and play for Fighting Irish this fall. Riggs will graduate with a degree in Family, Youth and Community Sciences from the University of Florida in May and join the Notre Dame program in June. FYI: Notre Dame plays FSU Fall 2014 in Tallahassee.

Let's play "Where's Florida?"


This (here's the full-size) is left over from the weekend, and was's front page just a little while after the Slam Dunk contest; you can see the mention of the 1 a.m. Eastern SportsCenterU broadcast. Good luck finding the Gators! (Also, note that Kentucky somehow still got the headline.) Dunno what Patric Young was actually referring to in this tweet, given his backpedal, but, seriously, it's getting laughable at this point. (If you wanna tweet it out, here you go.)


This is an even better picture of Casey Prather rising like Colossus between four Kentucky defenders for a rebound Saturday night than the one in The Differences.

Gerald Willis takes one great Signing Day picture

How much do I love this picture of Florida signee Gerald Willis and his mother? A lot. A LOT a lot. So much goodness: Willis's goofy look; Willis's bow tie; Willis's mom's ENORMOUS crucifix earrings; the woman behind her in ripped jeans that are kinda in appropriate for school; the coach in the back in all black everything; the pink Gators hat. It's great. GWIII is gonna be fun.

Haden on Browns loss: "F--kin' can't stand losing"

Haden got beat on the game-winning touchdown to Cecil Shorts. He then "poured his heart out" in the locker room:

Tears welled up in Haden’s eyes as he delivered an impassioned, sometimes expletive-laden, message to media members at his locker. To get the full impact, you need to read it straight through, in its entirety:

“We f***in’ can’t stand losing. It hurts. To go out there, put my f***in’ heart out there every time, every time. And we end up coming up short. It was my fault right there on the touchdown. He ran a good route, good play, good offense, you know what I’m sayin’? Don’t take nothing from our D. We’re out there every time grinding, fighting, and this s*** hurts, every time we start losing. You know what I’m sayin’? We’re tired of it. And there’s nothing we can say. You’re gonna come with the same questions every week and I’m gonna give you the same answers -- ‘We gonna get better next week. We gonna get better next week.’ Until we do it, then there’s nothing else to talk about -- straight up. Good? Alright.”


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