Florida Football 50 For 50 2011

Muschamp defends suspended Floyd


Sharrif Floyd's ineligibility has been met with frustration from Florida coach Will Muschamp. But Muschamp's impassioned defense of Floyd may do more good for college athletics in general than the...

50 For 50, No. 14: Florida Atlantic Is The Perfect Season Opener For The Gators


Florida will open its 2011 season with Florida Atlantic. Here's why the Owls are the perfect Gator bait.

50 For 50, No. 15: You Can Play Alligator Army Pick'em For Prizes And Glory


Alligator Army is running a pick'em contest for its readers.

50 For 50, No. 16: Jelani Jenkins Fought A Roach In His Bathroom And Tweeted About It


Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins encountered a roach in his bathroom and proceeded to tweet about his efforts to vanquish it. The results are hilarious.

50 For 50, No. 17: Marcus Roberson Could Be An Impact Freshman


Florida freshman cornerback Marcus Roberson is getting plenty of buzz in fall practice. Could he be an integral part of the Gators' secondary?

50 For 50, No. 18: It 'Wouldn't Surprise' SB Nation's Bill Connelly If Florida Won The National Championship


Football Outsiders' Bill Connelly rates Florida as one of the few teams he wouldn't be surprised to see win a national title.

50 For 50, No. 19: You Can Be Part Of Alligator Army With The SB Nation iPhone App


SB Nation is giving iPhone users a way to take all of their favorite teams on the go with them.

50 For 50, No. 20: Will Muschamp Can Lower The Boom After Bad Practices


Will Muschamp yelled about football Wednesday night! It shows that he cares about his Gators.

50 For 50, No. 21: The Rowdy Reptiles Points System Could Create Better Florida Gators Fans


Florida's University Athletic Association is announcing a new Rowdy Reptiles points system for students that could pay both short-term and long-term dividends.

50 For 50, No. 22: Will Muschamp Seems To Be Using Closed Practices Effectively


The Florida Gators are practicing beyond the prying lenses of the media this fall. That could be a good thing for Will Muschamp's team.

50 For 50, No. 23: The Tim Tebow Thing Doesn't Matter To The Florida Gators


Tim Tebow's pro career has become one of sports' most reliable lightning rods. But it doesn't matter to the Gators currently in Gainesville.

50 For 50, No. 24: Florida Gators Fans Understand The Tim Tebow Thing


Tim Tebow remains one of America's most polarizing sporting figures. Ask any Florida fan about it: the Gators faithful know.

50 For 50, No. 25: Alligator Army Wants To Be The Best Florida Gators Fan Community


Florida fans have a wealth of choices when it comes to talking about the Gators on the Internet. Here's why Alligator Army is determined to be the best one, and how it will get there.

50 For 50, No. 26: Marcus Roberson Could Be The Next Great Freshman Cornerback For Florida


Marcus Roberson is impressing coaches and players in Florida's fall practice. Could he be the next great freshman corner for the Gators?

50 For 50, No. 27: Florida's Relationship With ESPN Is As Fruitful As Ever


Florida football spent Monday in ESPN's lenses. Here's why that's a great thing for the Gators.

50 For 50, No. 28: Will Muschamp Treats His Gators Like Adults, Says Lerentee McCray


Will Muschamp treating players like adults might be a sea change from Urban Meyer. But it might also be a good thing for the Florida Gators.

50 For 50, No. 29: Andre Debose Could Be One Of Many Breakout Gators


Florida has a lot of talent and a great chance to surprise in 2011. Which Gators might break out this fall?

50 For 50, No. 30: Jon Halapio Has Mastered The Art Of Saying Nothing


Florida's Jon Halapio is one of the best quotes the Gators have ... as long as you don't want him to say anything.

50 For 50, No. 31: Will Muschamp Is A Man, And 40


Florida's Will Muschamp just turned 40, and is one of the youngest coaches with as prominent as a position as he has in college football. That's good for the Gators.

50 For 50, No. 32: You Gotta Party For Florida's Right To Beat Florida State In The Princeton Review Rankings


Florida has fallen behind Florida State in the Princeton Review's rankings of the nation's top party schools. That just won't do.

50 For 50, No. 33: You Can Follow Alligator Army On Twitter And Facebook For News And Prizes!


Here's how to follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook and make yourself eligible for prizes and fun!

50 For 50, No. 34: Jeff Demps Is The Fastest Player In NCAA Football 12


Jeff Demps is the fastest player in NCAA Football 12. Here are a couple of tips on how to use him.

50 For 50, No. 35: There Are No Scissor Lifts On Florida's Practice Field


No scissor lifts on the Florida Gators' practice field is a good thing, both for safety's sake and what it says about the program.

50 For 50, No. 36: Florida Walk-On Jesse Schmitt Can Do Push-Ups And Kill Zombies


Meet Florida walk-on Jesse Schmitt. He does push-ups and kills zombies.

50 For 50, No. 37: Will Muschamp Is A Funny Quote


Will Muschamp flashing his folksy wit is always fun. Did you know he has a favorite boiled peanuts stand?

50 For 50, No. 38: Satchel's 'Revamp With Muschamp' Bumper Stickers


Satchel's is a Gainesville institution. And it's fully behind new Florida Gators coach Will Muschamp.

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